Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I know, I haven't posted in a looonnnggg time. You don't havta tell me. I will catch you up and start this blog again soon but I want to just stick to the halloween goodies so you can enjoy halloween through me all throughout tomorrow. Here's some glorious youtubin'

Great pumpkin charlie brown. You laugh, you cry, ol' cb still gets a rock. I heard that some adults dress up as charlie brown with the ghost sheet on with all of the holes (black circles) and it's a hit. I might have to do that one year I am planning on going to a party and I don't have any costume money. I would make sure to bring a brown paper bag with a bunch of rocks in it (I would plan on getting some crafty fake foam rocks, for easier packing)

Garfield adventure. Another one you have to watch every year. Even though I think that's my top two even though Halloween 3: curse of the witch is becoming a must see tradition as well. Mountain Dew pitch black became a tradition too but if I stay on one topic this goes by quicker for me. You have to understand, because I failed to save my work and the work's of bill gates this is my third draft so bare with me...

I haven't watched this movie, this is a playlist for the worst witch, it's supposed to be a horrible HBO movie. I will watch it later, Matt from x-entertainment.com wrote a review of it, and speaking of him!! He has a halloween jukebox so if you don't want to sit down and watch something then listen to that. Humph.

This is a virtual pumpkin carving site, and if you put your name and zip code in it shows where you are on their map and see mine!! It's under the name "goob" so try to find it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Thursday to everyone!

One pic is worth a 1000 words, or so they tell me :-) Got this screenshot off of Amazon.com if you couldn't tell. Hehehehe. I got Thursday and Sunday off this week so here I sit. I am doing laundry and I will go out to eat later if I feel up to it (it's a buffet, I love going there but I might not feel THAT hungry tonight)

Oh yeah! I am moving into a really nice really newish (6 years old there abouts) apartment complex! With a Sauna, pool, and a gym. I would never use all of that crap but it has a washer and dryer in EVERY apartment! OMG this laundrymat crap is only going to last for a few more weeks yesss.....I am signing the lease tomorrow. I am the one working so I am the one on the lease. Harry (my best friend) isn't working yet so he is just an occupant. This is really going to work for us cause my sisters are acting like snotty bitches about the whole mess. We promised to be out October 11th (we get the keys Oct. 10) so we'll see how fast we can go on over to the new apartment. This is going to be so great! Makes me almost enjoy work heh heh

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor day weekend, who cares, I got Little Debbie's to show ya

I got these rolls when I went grocery shopping on wednesday. They look good (on wednesday I got a coconut cream pie at Shari's and ova there they use whipped cream instead of egg white, I love the egg white but their coconut cream pie is like OMG good) and my friend (I paid for the meal, it's a thing I do now) informed me of these. Well I have to try every LB food available. Except the pound cake or anything that sounds remotely healthy. Granola bars? Ewww...I'll just take a fudge dipped generic brand pack like I always do.
I am sorry this is turning into a junk food blog. But food products, trying them and that kind of thing has always interested me. Obviously they interest you too so cheers :D
The cream is a slightly sugary coconut flavored type of substance. I could see a tub of cool whip (even better a spray can of it) to put on a number of things. The sugar hits you hard. I tried the lemon one last week (lemon meringue cream rolls if you couldn't figure it out) and I wasn't that impressed but I like these. I love snowballs at Wal-Mart you can get 9 in a big box invidually wrapped for 3 bucks! The chocolate cake part can be improved though, I could just eat 4 of the coconut skins and I would be satisfied. Anyway if you love coconut this is enough to get your fix.

I had to keep my momentum going by eating a banana twin. The texture is a bit dry but I like them. My best friend had them in grade school with his lunch (mind you this was YEARS ago) so he feels warm and tingly while he eats them. I only got the last package of them this time. That's a lot of tinglin' going on. Mini review, I tried the Dulche de Leche carmel limited edition oreos. They were good the first 5, but they are just too artifical tasting on their own, would be great on ice cream (or crumbled up on a voodoo donut)

Brief rant about work. The computers were slow, people waited a good 30 mins on the phone waiting for a rep and I got an earful..."did you know that I ate a whole meal while waiting for you guys to pick up? I cooked it and everything and I still waited!" LOL that is why I don't like it when people complain about waiting for 10 minutes to talk to me. I can't say that without getting yelled at "so I was supposed to wait MORE?!?! Is this how you treat customers!! I have to get to work in 4 minutes!" Oh yeah don't complain to me, I do my job. Complain to somebody else lol. We have a complaint department SO they get paid good money to hear you complain so fuck you lol. Complain to them. Not me. So are you going to use a credit card, debit card or e-check?

Was that a little rant or a big rant? Fuck it I lost track. Till next time. Always love even when you outta fight.

Friday, August 18, 2006

pop rocks, gummy pizza and more

Hi, remember me? Anyway I'll cut the bullshit. Lol, I have been working a lot lately, but I decided to do a double review for you all. Plus a video. Aren't I as sweet as your momma? I'll start with the Pop rocks. It's actually called "pop rocks science experiment"

This is what it looks like obviously. Where is it from? Dollar Tree. That place has weird shit I tell you what. Yes I am from Oregon shut up I just watch King of the Hill sometimes. I thought it was great blogger material. It comes with sets of packages. One with Orange pop rocks in it, and two white packages that had the number 1 and 2 on them. The first thing I noticed after fiddling with the plastic test tube, it's way too small. I didn't turn the sink on full blast only a trickle and I kept on having to pour a little out and that was all of it so I had to put more water in etc. until finally I just drank a little of it out. It's a little bit bigger then my middle finger and narrower. I put the first packet in and I saw no effect. And then I poured the second one in and, wait I have a video.

My poprocks video!


This is my review for the gummy pizza now....get your MIND OUT OF THE TRAIN OF THOUGHT ABOUT THE ROCKS AND NOW FOCUS ON THE GUMMIFIED PIZZAS OKAyyYYyYY???!???

This is in a Make your Own! Line of gummy candies. One I noticed was an ice cream cone which I would sincerely pass up. I love the thought of a candy pizza but the assembling looks quite challenging. I have a picture of it opened. Is this a shock to you?

There is the "crust" and then the red looking stuff is the "sauce" the light yellowish stuff is the "cheese" and the random gummy bits is the toppings. I shall put it together to be the best gummah pizza evah!!

Doesn't it look pretty? The sauce I licked it off of my finger a minute or two ago and it's just sugar gel that is slightly watered down. Like those toothpaste tubes of goo that you can get. The powder is very fine but has a nice yellow color to it for something that emulates cheese it does a pretty good job. The gummies are just random colors and shapes, no rhyme or reason. They had a hard time spreading out. The gummy feels good squishing in the package. They are actually (if you havent realized it yet) small triangle pieces that go together in a circle. I felt for a small moment I was holding a peep type of candy, I took a whiff of an orange type of odor when I was arranging the pizza pieces. The taste? Well...we'll see in a moment here.
Oh and to tell you the pizza all together fits in the palm of my hand. The taste is very rich, The sauce part is overpowering and the orange from the crust is like if you were eating orange koolaid but sweeter. The sauce could of been thicker because it was drippy. The toppings remind me of sour patch kids or sour straws, they are random bits of sugary sour bits. This might be the worst review ever but the whole gummy pizza is hard to explain, a paradox, if you will. Would I recommend it? Only if you could hold your candy, only for candy addicts, not for people that have it every once in a while. I have to get to bed for work tomorrow. Did I tell you when I have to get up? 2 in the goddamned morning and I am not even going to tell you what happened this weekend. Well I guess I could. I thought I was working on sunday but it was saturday I worked. SOOOO I have a strike against me (they use a point system and saturday's thing was 1 point out of 5, I basically have 2 more times I can be like 20 mins late until a warning) I just feel completely stupid about it and I'll just focus on graduation with training which I just have to shoo the people off of the phone that are spending a huge time complaining. I need to transfer you anyway so why do I HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT HOW WE SCREWED YOU??? hehe. Always love. Over and out.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chuck E Cheese's at the Dollar Tree!!

I found these among other culinary novelties with the Chuck E Cheese's brand at the Dollar tree yesterday. It's a fairly healthy snack (only 16g carbs for a 1 oz serving, there are 5 1/2 servings per bag of course, 95 sodium, 140 calories, like I notice these things specifically to loose weight, I notice them after I eat them afterwards! lol) and I just thought it was interesting they wanted to dive into the snack world. I also seen pretend food toys to play with as well which I love pretend food for some reason. I barely played with that stuff as a kid, but I think for my kids they HAVE to have pretend money, a cash register, and pretend food on a shelf with a small plastic shopping cart. One acting like the cashier and the other one acting like a mother (or daddy) shopping for the household.

I thought this was amusing, on the back it says this. Fresh from his own kitchen kids!! More like they rented a factory to produce these. You can see the demagraphic here, very very little kids. About 6 years old, and boys. Everybody older then that knows this is just a new product to get a little bit of money, or not. Anyway my roommate thought these were good, but I didn't particularly like it. The flavor was tame, not spicy enough. I don't know exactly what it was it just didn't interest me. It did taste a little like the pizzalicious pringles chips, but not enough. Kinda made me want the cheese fries good ol' Chuck puts out instead. I regreted my choice. The fries were heavy but that was what I liked about it. He said these reminded him of picnic fries. Maybe they just were cheap and I could taste it.

He's excited for my dollar. He knows he figured out the puzzle. To sell cheap "fries" to innocent people. That bastard. Congradulations!

They put this coupon on all of the food and the pretend food toys. It's a coupon for 10 free tokens for Chuck E cheese's that are a $2.50 value. The only time I went to Chuck's is I had a coupon similar to this one and it was probably frickin expensive the whole experience but I don't quite remember those details. The only thing I remember is after all of those tickets I got I could of traded them in for a wall walker or something cheap like that. You needed to save up HUNDREDS of tickets for something decent! It's a total ripoff of course and I have heard the pizza is very greasy but I couldn't tell you that I am just assuming. You should just get a decent pizza then go over to a nickel arcade (they exist, there is a wunderland nickel arcade in several places in Portland never gone to one but my cousins used to love them)

Anyway, one of my cousins is having a baby shower sunday so today I have to go over to Target and get a couple of things for her right after a few other errans. Is this what it's like? My day off? I just am not an adult yet I guess because I haven't been "Deadened" to this job yet. I am thinking about getting a transfer into something else. Janitor for the building maybe? We'll see kiddies we'll see. Here's me saying, always love even when you outta fight :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oaks Park and an update

The company picnic (yes the one I am a third week working for) was at all places, Oaks park. First I thought oh no I am still in training so technically I am not a "real" employee yet so I can't go. Well that was before I saw like 10 people signing up that I was in training with LOL. So my best friend (had to be family, I had an alias for him even though they didn't ask) and my sister got psyched to go. I bought everybody sodas and finally trying to figure out where it was (Damn you google maps!! Damn you all to hell!!) We got there. I signed in and got three limited bracelets to go on limited rides. Yes the company I work for is cheap. And that means no screaming eagle (very VERY scary looking, I REALLY don't wanna go on it) no big 360 loop rollercoaster, and no bumper cars. I love me some fucking bumper cars so that pissed me off. Oktoberfest I will get a deluxe bracelet.

But first off we got soda, because it was 100 degrees outside, and we all got a paper plate each with a pile of potato salad, a runny portion of pork and beans, one stale piece of fried chicken, and there were biscuits with little creamer type cups of whipped butter that I passed on but my sister liked. We were sweating and exhausted, and had to face the fact of being near the rides and riding on them, or being near the cold drinks. We thought that was rather painful, all weak, heavily sweaty, and pissed, we went home quickly vowing to come back at the end of September for oktoberfest. Oaks park has one of the best oktoberfests in the northwest IMO even with beer!

Anyway, we went on the spider. Ok, I have been on it no prob, even with my fear of heights (I am pretty much scared of anything that can hurt me) I have been on it and I didn't scream before. Well the first couple spins and then DIPS I screamed with fear. Fear of my death. I didn't scream like girls do just to scream to make noise I SCREAMED OH GOD NO!!!! Well noises came out and I might of said that but mostly I was in shock of how scary it was cause I thought it was just going to be fun. WELP the girl sitting in the "car" next to mine had two little boys (no older then 5 and 9) and they didn't scream or anything. Well later I found out I work with her!!! I said OMG I can't believe I have to work with you now that you know I am a complete pussy!! I seriously said that. She just laughed and said she understood. Can you believe that? And I said also I wasn't going to get a recommendation letter from her because I knew she would put that on the letter.

We also went on this Louis and Clark expedition that used to be a haunted house but now it has Indians and weird shit. We only went on that ride to get out of the heat. It wasn't that long and I couldn't hear the narration because I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?? THAT BEAR AINT SCARY YA'LL HAHAH" I am not usually a complete asshole in public but that ride was terrible. It did have a bear that was supposed to jump at you but it was more like getting jiggy with it. This Indian was doing the same getting jiggy with it dance! LOL and there was a bunch of Indians in one campfire scene and they had a dog with a red collar on it, a typical cartoon dog, sitting there enjoying the campfire. This was after the spider so I was kinda on edge because there was this one ride I went on years ago that had a wall that made it look like you were going to go right through it but you dipped underneath it. It was supposed to be a haunted mill.

I went on that ride with my sister and my best friend. Mind you he only went on one kiddie ride when he was about 4 years old with his dad and he is 46. So all this time the Louis and Clark ride was his first ride all this time. BUT we mixed it up. My last ride was this one called the rock and rollercoaster. It's a 50's style type of ride where you get into a classic car type of seat and you see all of these airbrushed drawings around you. I was listening to "superfreak" while looking at Jimmy Hendrix. Okay. It looked tame so I thought it was ok but the ride started going in circles and it made it feel like it was going to throw you some distant place but it didn't (that is how they get your heart racing if you haven't figured it out yet) and then after that the announcer said ok it's going to go backwards I thought I was going to freak out but I didn't really. I learned the trick by now, if I scream with the flow of the dips and curves then it's not so bad. Mind you there was a 10 year old and a 13 year old behind me that has been on it a thousand times probably and she was bugging my best friend about how fun it was and before the backwards part she said "oh this is the fun part he is going to do it backwards!!" LOL like she was the narrator of the tour. I asked him later if he had fun and he said it was a kick. I am going with him to oktoberfest so hopefully he'll go on ALOT of rides then. I am not as pissed as I would of been because I didn't pay the 10 dollars for the bracelet. And the bracelets rock btw so much bang for your buck then the tickets. I want him to go on the screaming eagle and have me just videotape LOL look at the site (click on the title of this blogpost) and see for yourself. Mind you this thing is HUGE and your feet dangle while they play that song I forgot who sings it but it goes BOOM here comes the BOOM how do you like me now and they played smooth criminal by alien ant farm. Which I have a fondness for but I would probably not want to hear it if I went on that ride.

This is the second pic I took and I am leaving you today

with it....

For all of you who can't read it (all of you) it says, "Don't spit off of this ride!! If you do spit....the management will remove your bracelet" This is in front of the ferris wheel. The guy running the ride said that the metal was hot on it that day but you get a small breeze now and then heh. Oh yeah the employees that had to stand in the sun all day were PISSED so I tried to be super sweet to them. Anyway always love even when you outta fight :-)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cream savers are at it again!! (cream savers desserts review)

Yesterday shopping a little, I ran acrossed these while getting a new bottle to drink out of for work (yesterday was my first all day working shift day it kicked major ass except my throat was sore after 5 straight hours of talking) These are new Creme Saver desserts. There are three flavors, Apple pie a la mode, Cinnamon Bun, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was so curious I bought some. For 6 oz. They were 1.99.

The top one, is cinnamon bun. It tastes so much like a cinnamon bun I was almost tempted to nuke it in the microwave. These candies remind me of the gum in willy wonka that is a huge meal in one piece of chewing gum. The dark brown ripple tasted like a strong cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar mix like it would appropriately taste. The light colored taste like yeasty dough. A great quickie with taste of cinnamon bun.

The Apple pie a la mode is the second one in the picture. This was the first one I tried. I could like the last one taste everything that is great about an apple pie with a little bit of ice cream. Think of the ultimate way, a restaurant pie if you will, to have an apple pie. A well seasoned crust, the right combo of butter and flour, and then the apple has nutmeg and cinnamon. The ice cream is melted just right an it's dripping down the side, it's the most expensive vanilla (or French vanilla) ice cream you can put on a pie. This is that in a more convenient way. A pop in your mouth apple pie. This was a great intro to this package for me.

The last one is strawberry cheesecake. This one really disappointed me. I could taste the Strawberry well, fresh yet right out of the freezer taste of strawberries. BUT the cheesecake could of been richer. I tried this twice because I was hoping I just had the wrong taste in my mouth before I started eating it (proper food critics "clean there palate" by drinking water between foods and I didn't do anything like that I just went one after another) but this wasn't good to me. The first two were ALOT more empressive. Mind you, I LOVE cheesecake, I LOVE cheesecake (cheesequake how they say it in their lame way) Dairy Queen blizzards, even the cheap Burger King cheesecake in a box things they have are a nice treat, but this was I think thrown together and maybe not blind tested as much. Who knows.

Anyway, did I just mention work? Oh yeah well I am going to be working for this company, all this last week I was in 4 days of training (mostly 3 the other day was just talking about company policies) on how to look up things and how to work the system. The didn't really teach us the details, just on the phone with somebody if you know how to look up the info you'll learn it all eventually. LoL. I freaked out thinking I was going to suck because Thursday I was on the phone with two people and I turned the call over to the person that was sitting there listening had to take over LOL and by that time the guy was PISSED OFF!!! It's funny thinking about it. But because I signed a thing that Doctor's usually sign, I cannot give any details, I can't say OMG PINK WANTED MINUTES AND IT RAWKED!! I cannot do that and I cannot gives away credit card numbers and shit. I don't want to get fired ya'll. Sorry to bum you but it's the truth.

I got into a few problems and I solved them or had to transfer them, but I only had to ask for help twice and that was at the first of it. Most of them had their number and name and shit in the beginning (even their credit card number! sweet!) and all I had to do (after verifying which I am starting to hate when I don't have to look up and it's all right there I mean it's so fucking convenient I just need to credit their account ya'll) was hook them up with about 25 dollars or so of minutes. That got boring but I was so proud of myself for kicking ass. This is going to be a fairly decent job. I can't wait until Monday and unfortunately I am on partime for Monday so grr about that. I'm going to try to get fulltime from now on so wish me luck on that. After I pay off some bills I'll move out into something I can afford with my best friend (the watermelon eater, btw do you like my new FLIKR flash filmstrip?) and I'll live a lot better life.

Thank you Vesta, a branch of the Randstad Corp, for making this happen.

Oh yeah there was this guy called William, he SUCKED at computers, I think I talked about him the last post, who knows, anyway I think the teacher told him to look elsewhere cause on Thursday and Friday he didn't show up!! LOL!! I hated him and I am glad his ego was burned. Not hate hate but he was driving me up the wall and I was just waiting for him to prove his incompetence. Sorry buddy 'chuckles'. Always love even when you outta fight :) Oh yeah I did treat him with respect ok? So I am not a hypocrite. Heh.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If I die before I wake....

Welp. It's been a while, I do think about you but I have been really busy. If you don't know me IRL you have no clue what kind of hell I have been going through. First, it's been slow in the PSO world, and my best friend's unemployment got cut off. K? Second, a few weeks ago we were going to Wal-Mart (I know they are a big evil company but my buddy needed jeans!! And right when we were pulling out of the parking spot we had a bunch of antifreeze spill out below the car!! Long story short, we had to cough up like fuckin' 450 for that deal...which we didn't have obviously...he went on his second time on tri-met EVER and that blew over.

That Friday my sister Sharleen said she doesn't know where we are going to live but it aint gonna be here no mo. This was the week after last. AND THEN I got a job interview, my best friend and I were UBER bitter about it and kept on saying the best revenge is them being jealous of our success. When we came home LAST friday, and she announces that she's fired from her job (not really just on call which is pretty much worse) and I say I am this close to getting a great job. She says oh well I didn't know THAT well you can stay. We mind you were SUPER PISSED cause she kicked us out, knowing we'll be homeless, and then she eats our fucking food, like most of it like it doesn't fuckin matter. So the status? We are staying here until we can get something straightened out ASAP cause this sucks.

Oh did I say that I have a new job?!?! YAY umm I just finished training for a call center job (I know faceless fuckin company but I get full benefits!!) and I'll totally get the job you'll see. They crammed our craniums with knowledge this week and then tomorrow I'll wow them with my knowledge. You'll see. After the first 60 days I'll be good as in. Too bad there is an Oak's park company picnic that you can sign up no later then Friday and I technically aint an employee yet so 'sigh' I'll just go with my best friend for 40 bucks for both of us. We get a nifty headset. And umm....we have to wear khakis. I sat by this one guy he can barely turn on a computer let alone use it I don't know HOW he could pass the test to get the job (you had to pass a normal typing test and a 10 key test, I went in two days wednesday and Friday to pass it, you needed 3500 dpm) and the teacher this morning moved me because I had to constantly whisper what to do to him for him to stop bothering me for several minutes. I know it's sour grapes but GOD DAMN I can't WAIT to see him fail the training graduation test. It's a two page test that you can sit at the computer and look up the resources for. He'll get his name right and the date. Tomorrow we'll get hands on customer service (I am actually REALLY excited, it sounds more fun from the inside then it does on the outside) and I hope after the first couple calls (if he can figure out how to login, seriously he doesn't know how and it's like logging in to yahoo messenger) somebody we'll totally yell at him and tell him to go look elsewhere and take a community college class on computers. At least that has been my fantasy since I met him.

BTW do you love my flickr pictures? Scroll down and look at the right, browse all of them, the small pictures are RAZOR phone wallpapers I have hoarded I'll make a different set for them but not now I have to get to bed, I have to get up at 6 like I have to do every weekday morning now. <> I love being a corporate shill!!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh your such a queer. (gay pride 2006)

Saturday and sunday last weekend I went to gay pride. Feeling dedicated to bringing yet another great blog, I interviewed a couple people on my DV camcorder, videotaped musical talents, and the parade!! I mostly recorded Saturday, I was going to interview some people on Sunday, but my legs were killing me and I had a bit of an accident that I HAD to take care of at home, so I just thought I should go home after the parade, and so I didn't really get any good footage except for the parade (and an always entertaining protester getting an asschewing from the MC's) on Sunday. I am bummed but I have plenty of footage to sort through anyway!! I have an interview from a nice woman from SMYRC (my old GLBT hangout when I was 17-18) and somebody from the equal rights booth. I also got more then that!!! The dunk tank? Yep I got a girl and a guy on there. For the first time screwing with a camcorders for a long time I think I kept pretty steady and I zoomed just at the right times. Well the last hour is probably the best because that is when I had the most practice lol.

And why don't I have this up on this blog yet? Well I to cut to the chase I don't have a firewire cord for my camera, so I can't get the shit off of it!! Doesn't that suck, welp I will put it on my wishlist, and we'll see if somebody can buy it for me, because it'll take a while for me to save for one.

Anyway my favorite parts were, little bits and pieces of the parade, the MC's that actually have a radio show on Sirius channel 106 (out Q I believe) and they were just promoting it and having a good time, they also talked between musical guests. The dancers I liked, and a couple of the booths I liked as well, there were a lot of kids there, I mean 6 year old type of kids not I am an older wiser person so I call you a kid, kid. Even though there was this one guy that was this gay guy in high school he goofed off and commented that there was a glory hole all set up in the portapotty. He was at the SMYRC booth. No disrespect to them it was just this one guy. I have a brochure from them I want to volunteer there, you know to give something back to them. Heh anyway there was a sex toy booth and they had tiny bottles of water oh thank you!! Because I was (and am) broke so I couldn't afford water bottles and I wanted to leave early because of it. But I stayed like 2 more hours just because of that tiny bottle of water. They also had pens and preztels. I only got the water because preztels on a hot day? I don't think so. The chicks weren't that good looking, I saw way too many hicks with mullet types, I saw a hot chick with this butch short mexi type and I was jealous and that was really the only one. That girl though standing behind me while I was videotaping the parade what's your number?? LOL she wasn't bad looking.

So anyway wait patiently for my videos everybody hopefully I'll get it online before next year's ok? Until next time, Always love, even when you outta fight especially with gay people Mr. Protester because we'll fuck you up :-)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mini Tootsie roll chews and life

My sister, she came home with these, most of the way empty, and she said, "Here I wanted you to have these, you can review them on your blog or something."

I was going to just eat them all, but I know how crappy I have been to you, mr. homeless guy that goes into the libary to check on my blog. So I thought a quick review is in order. Also, These pictures were uploaded and saved onto paint shop pro x!! I was used to psp 7, and I used 9 I believe in the trial (hard to crack that version for some odd reason) and so I really wanted to upgrade. It's pretty much same thing, but looks shinier and has a little bit more. More tubes (I love tubes!!) and the navigation is a lot better. BUT it takes like 5 minutes to load!! I think I might keep psp7 just for the quick in and out jobs. And I also have adobe which I am going to uninstall tonight. Can anyone use that? I think it's a lot harder to use. I couldn't even figure out how to copy and paste in it!!! I bet people will be like oh you are just stupid, but PsP is a lot easier to use. I also got Macromedia studio 8 yesterday, which includes Dreamweaver, Coldfusion (have no clue what that is, haven't installed it cause I don't want to waste harddrive space for a POS software) fireworks (it's like Dreamweaver but with a little bit of photoediting software) and Flash which I have used before. I get it but it's still a big project to make a 2 second little video but I really want to make some flash cartoons for my blog. The first time I screwed with it I couldn't get the button thing to work, to start and replay the cartoon 'sigh' maybe this time.

Anyway, these are chocolate covered tootsie rolls. How clever!! "rolls eyes" I could only eat about 10 of them at first, they make me thirsty, and they are rich. I could see different flavors though, like orange chocolate on the outside. The chocolate seperated in my mouth, like chocolate does on a raisinet. Those are also rich and make me thirsty but they are great. They are smaller then a regular mini chew. Tootsie rolls and chocolate usually make me thristy seperately so I think it just made it super duper bad. But with the koolaid I was drinking it was good. I can also see these in a trail mix type of snack.

Those look like shiny little shits don't they? Well, I can't see buying these but they aren't terrible. They are just tootsie rolls but a little fancier.

Also, I entered yet another worth1000 contest. Is there any other photoshop contest websites out there? Please tell me because I love entering. I entered the band name literalism one. Limp Bizkit. Good times. Also my best friend left yesterday morning to his home town hermiston Oregon yesterday morning for errans. He might be home tomorrow but it will probably be sunday. I miss him when he isn't around, I just love joking around with him and I enjoy just knowing he's an arm length. He feels the same way. Also my work has came to a crawl so I am looking for a dispatch job. We thought it was going to be bad, because my oldest sister thought she was canned on her weekend job. But they adjusted it so she'll be a lot happier. Her boss was really on her ass and it was stressful, also she worked during the day on weekends and during the week on the nighttimes so the transistion was hard. We thought we had to make up the other half of her paycheck (which is near impossible because that means we would have to get another job) but I think this means it's all blown over. So sweet. I still need another way to keep the cash flowing for my cell and other expenses. So that'll be a challenge. I almost had a job but for some reason I can't find my id and I need it to show I am over 18.

Anyway shower time!! I've been putting it off for a couple of days now LOL. My cousin (about the same age as I am) Left today for Iraq, like I said he's going for money, he isn't a Marine or anything but he is qualified to work over there. My heart is with him even though him and I have some past problems. The main thing I am disapointed in is his little girl, 2 in September, my Grandparents can't keep up with her, so maybe they can see her for a few hours but I wouldn't be able to. They might not want to see her because they don't like the mom that much. She is just too excited to get her child support check. He pays too much (from what people say, he pays 350 which I think that's fair) so they don't like her, especially because she works partime so it's like she doesn't want to work, BUT the best thing for the kid is not a babysitter but the mom!! The best way to raise a kid is to RAISE THEM YOURSELF!! Not other people. I knew her from high school a little, she was semi-popular and I was down in the nerdy section.

You see why I am grungy, I have too many other things to do then to have good hygiene!! LOL anyway Always love even when you outta fight!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy 666 mark of the beast day!!! Um yeah...woot

Other then a huge publicity stunt for the remake of the Omen, people that aren't 100 percent pure worldwide have gotten gitty almost because of today being 6.6.06 the mark of the beast day. I wanted to do something evil, sensing halloween WAY too early, and just wanting to do something cool and evil on a chance of a lifetime opprotunity. For some reason we are getting a "only every thousand years this happens" things lately, and that is awesome. Because of course, we deserve it :) Well at least I do, I have always felt unique, and my goal in life is to have people talking about me LONG after I die, and I will have kids so duh but just like this huge thing that is like "this woman did the funniest thing and my great grandma used to tell me this story" a little blemishing is ok but you get the point.

I hope you enjoyed your damnation day you little devils!! Until I want to type something decent on my blog, always hate even when you outta love!!! >:-D hey I did it!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday morning, I am still awake for you

This is my video summarizing this last two weeks. At least this last week and a half. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

8 reasons Eminem's Popularity is a Disaster for women (with my counterpoint)

I was looking for something Eminem related last night and I came acrossed this article about exactly what the title of this blog post says. I love Eminem, and I understand his lyrics, I wouldn't write what he writes because I am not as vulgar and angry but I understand that angry, frustration. But what this person says in this article had me thinking of a lot of things that is what I feel is wrong because it's a misunderstanding. A HUGE one. I will try not to talk like teenage ditzy kids (mostly girls) that act like everyone MUST love Eminem as much as they do because "he is like just totally smart and deep" But it's hard because he is very intelligent and this is just his easiest medium to convey his opinions and feelings. I could go on but I should just let my opinions fall in the right places around this article so this blog post isn't horrendously long. Shall we?

I admit, there are a few long paragraphs at the beginning I won't go into, I'll just go straight to the list, changing my color of my text so it's an obvious separation.

1. Eminem's lyrics help desensitize boys and men to the pain and suffering of girls and women.
Eminem's fans argue that his raps about mistreating, raping, torturing, and murdering women are not meant to be taken literally. "Just because we listen to the music doesn't mean we're gonna go out and harass, rape and murder women. We know it's just a song."

why we say that is because it's art. You know, art? There are several controversial paintings, films, etc. that have symbolism in them. You don't say "oh my god I hope a kid doesn't see this!!" you actually want them to see it, even though they don't see the true meaning. I am none saying Eminem is appropriate for kids, which I'll probably repeat later on. Anyway, if you see the lyrics on a piece of paper that is totally different then hearing it. Like in Kim, she cheated on him, and treated him like yesterday's news, after their history, after she had Hailey, he mentions a criminal record because of her, but then she acts like he doesn't even exist. THAT is why he wants to do that. And dumping her over the bridge into the river, he wants to do that mentally, to just FORGET her and move on, with his daughter, and he wants his daughter to forget her too.

But thoughtful critics of Eminem do not make the argument that the danger of his lyrics (and the lyrics of other artists, including African American rap artists) lies in the possibility that some unstable young man will go out and imitate in real life what the artist is rapping about. While possible, this is highly unlikely.

I agree, and if somebody is that on the edge with something like that, something like Eminem's lyrics (or Marilyn Manson which he has taken heat as well for violent acts, and ozzy) just pushes him off the edge. Somebody like that is a ticking time bomb anyway.

Rather, one of the most damaging aspects of Eminem's violent misogyny and homophobia is how normal and matter-of-fact this violence comes to seem. Rapping and joking about sex crimes have the effect of desensitizing people to the real pain and trauma suffered by victims and their loved ones. The process of desensitization to violence through repeated exposure in the media has been studied for decades. Among the effects: young men who have watched/listened to excessive amounts of fictionalized portrayals of men's violence against women in mainstream media and pornography have been shown to be more callous toward victims, less likely to believe their accounts of victimization, more willing to believe they were "asking for it," and less likely to intervene in instances of "real-life" violence.

I might just have a big temper but Jesus Christ some people are asking to get slapped!! I have hit people just trying to control me. I might have probs but some people just shouldn't of been born!!

Let us not forget that the culture in which Eminem has become a huge star is in the midst of an ongoing crisis of men's violence against women. In the U.S., rates of rape, sexual assault, battering, teen relationship violence and stalking have been shockingly high for decades, and what are we doing about it? Complaining about rap music? Bitch please. far exceeding rates in comparable western societies. Sadly, millions of American girls and women have been assaulted by American boys and men. Thousands of gays each year are bashed and harassed by young men. For these victims, this is not an academic debate about the differences between literalist and satirical art. It hits closer to home. I was offended by him saying bad things about gay guys but I don't now. He said once that he just doesn't understand it. BUT in one of his songs The real slim shady he says But if we can hump dead animals and antelopesthen there's no reason that a man and another man can't elope so he obviously thinks it's messed up that that can't happen yet.
2. Girls are encouraged to be attracted to boys and men who don't respect women.
What began as a tentative dance has become a passionate embrace. After initially airing "misgivings" about featuring the woman-hating rapper, magazines with predominantly young female readership, like Cosmogirl and Teen People, now regularly feature "Em" on their covers, posed as a sex symbol, as an object of heterosexual female desire. This is not simply the latest example of the star-making machinery of mass media constructing the "bad boy" as dangerously desirable to women. This sends a powerful message to girls that goes something like this: he doesn't really hate and disrespect you. In fact, he loves you.

That isn't it at all. Her bio-dad in her life needs to be in her life for that not to happen. Not some famous person that she hasn't and will not meet. Her dad not being available and treating her like trash makes her look for "bad boys" (even though Dr. Drew on loveline said recently that there is a phase that girls go through from 18-22 so who knows even though I trust his opinion) Does Tom cruise make every girl (or boy) that has a crush on him become a scientologist?

He's just misunderstood. It's the hip hop version of Beauty and the Beast. You know, underneath that gruff exterior, between the lines of those nasty lyrics, lies a tender heart that has been hurt, a good man who just needs more love and understanding.

Does Eminem say that beating women in general, breaking bones, leaving bruises, is the proper way to treat women? Like they are just subhuman things to take your anger out on? NO

This is a myth that battered women have been fed for centuries! That his violence is her responsibility, that if only she loved him more, his abuse would stop. This is one of the most damaging myths about batterers, and one of the most alarming features of Eminem's popularity with girls. Remember, Eminem is the same "lovable" rapper who wrote a chillingly realistic song ("Kim") about murdering his wife (whose real name is Kim), and putting her body in the trunk of his car, interspersed with loving references to their daughter Hallie (their real-life daughter is named Hallie). This is the same "cute" guy who angrily raps about catching diseases from "ho's." ("Drips") This is the same "adorable" man who constantly unleashes torrents of verbal aggression against women, even though he is so sensitive to the potential wounding power of words that he famously refuses to use the "n-word." Why is it not okay for a white rapper to diss "niggers," but it is okay for a man to express contempt for "bitches" and "ho's.

Some women are bitches and ho's and are proud of it. Girls that stay after shows hoping to fuck the star afterwards are ho's. They have no respect for themselves and so they are willing to do anything degrading to themselves for just a little bit for themselves. We are taught that being a slut is wrong at a young age and that is all you can do for somebody like that.

His credulous female fans counter: he doesn't really hate women. How could he? He loves his daughter! For battered women's advocates, this is one of the most frustrating aspects of Eminem's popularity. His defenders – including women – will utter some of the most discredited myths about abusive men as if they have special insight! Newsflash to female Eminem fans: "He loves his daughter" is one of the most predictable excuses that batterers give in pleading for another chance. The fact is, most batterers are not one-dimensional ogres. Abusive men often love the very women they're abusing. And let us not forget that when Eminem verbally abuses his wife/ex-wife through his lyrics, he is verbally abusing his daughter's mother – and by extension his daughter.

He does love Hailey, with all of his heart. He would of been killed or wouldn't of "made it" if it wasn't for her. I read once he takes a break in the morning to watch kids shows with her, Dora the explorer, spongebob etc. and if anything happened to her he would die. Kim on the other hand....some people you love, some people you hate, and later he'll explain the best he can why things turned out the way they did in more detail (we don't act like we did when we were teenagers but that is what we have no control over and that is what destiny is) so she can decide for herself what is right and wrong about her mother.

3. His popularity with girls sends a dangerous message to boys and men.
Boys and young men have long expressed frustration with the fact that girls and young women say they're attracted to nice guys, but that the most popular girls often end up with the disdainful tough guys who treat them like dirt. We all know that heterosexual young guys are forever struggling to figure out what girls want. What are they supposed to conclude when 53% of the 8 Mile audience on opening weekend was female?
What are men to make of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd when she writes, uncritically, that a "gaggle" of her female Baby Boomer friends are "surreptitiously smitten" with a 30-year-old rapper whose lyrics literally drip with contempt for women? (If you're in denial or simply refuse to believe that his lyrics are degrading to women, do your homework – download his lyrics.) That girls want to be treated with dignity and respect? Or that the quickest route to popularity with them is to be verbally and emotionally cruel, that "bad boy" posturing is a winning strategy to impress naïve (and self-loathing) girls? Surely most of Eminem's female fans would not want to be sending that message to their male peers – but they are.
Boys who have listened carefully to Eminem's actual lyrics -- not just the hit songs or the sanitized movie soundtrack -- know that most self-respecting girls who are conscious about the depths of our culture's sexism are repulsed by Eminem's misogyny and depressed by his popularity. Sadly, many of these girls have been silent, fearing they'll be branded as "uncool" because they "don't get" the artist who is supposedly the voice of their generation.
There are women who like Eminem because (they say) he's complex and not easily knowable; they would argue that it is reductionist to characterize his art as sexist. But the burden is on them to demonstrate how -- in a culture where so many men sexually harass, rape, and batter women -- it is possible to reconcile a concern for women's physical, sexual, and emotional well-being with admiration for a male artist whose lyrics consistently portray women in a contemptuous and sexually degrading manner.

Like I said before, just because he says that he wants to slap that bitch or whatever he is saying it doesn't mean that is the right thing to do. Have you ever heard of the Eminem song Criminal? It baffles Eminem why people take his lyrics seriously and literally and think kids will mimic him and if they actually do then why weren't the parents around to slap the kids hand away? It's art, not an instruction manual for life. Hey that was a pretty smart thing to say :D

Girls and women, even those who have been coopted into Eminem-worship, want to be treated with respect. They certainly don't want to be physically or sexually assaulted by men. They don't want to be sexually degraded by dismissive and arrogant men. But they can't have it both ways. They can't proclaim their attraction to a man who's gotten rich verbally trashing and metaphorically raping women and yet expect that young men will treat them with dignity.
4. The racial storyline around Eminem perpetuates the racist myth that "hip" white guys are those who most closely emulate the sexist beliefs and hypermasculine posturing of some Black males.
Eminem is popular with white audiences in large measure because the African American gangsta rap icon Dr. Dre and other hardcore Black rappers with "street credibility" have conferred on him the mantle of legitimacy. Dre is Eminem's mentor and producer, signaling to Black audiences as well that unlike Vanilla Ice – a useful object of derision from a decade ago -- this white boy is for real. What's missing from this story is that Dr. Dre himself is one of the most misogynous and homophobic figures in the history of rap music. He has produced and performed some of this era's most degrading songs about women. (e.g. "Bitches Ain't Shit")
In other words, Eminem and Dre are modeling a perverse sort of interracial solidarity that comes at the expense of women. It's an old and sordid story: sexism provides men a way to ally across race and class lines. African American people who are happy to see Eminem earning rap even greater legitimacy in white America might want to consider that this era's white artist most identified as a bridge to Black culture has built that bridge on the denigration and undermining of Black women -- and all women.

Anyone that knows anything about Eminem has to at least respect and be happy about the fact that Eminem paved the way for white rappers. He is amazing so the words coming out of his mouth made history and broke the racial barrier for rap. Vanilla ice on the other hand...

4. The racial storyline around Eminem perpetuates the racist myth that "hip" white guys are those who most closely emulate the sexist beliefs and hypermasculine posturing of some Black males.
Eminem is popular with white audiences in large measure because the African American gangsta rap icon Dr. Dre and other hardcore Black rappers with "street credibility" have conferred on him the mantle of legitimacy. Dre is Eminem's mentor and producer, signaling to Black audiences as well that unlike Vanilla Ice – a useful object of derision from a decade ago -- this white boy is for real. What's missing from this story is that Dr. Dre himself is one of the most misogynous and homophobic figures in the history of rap music. He has produced and performed some of this era's most degrading songs about women. (e.g. "Bitches Ain't Shit")
In other words, Eminem and Dre are modeling a perverse sort of interracial solidarity that comes at the expense of women. It's an old and sordid story: sexism provides men a way to ally across race and class lines. African American people who are happy to see Eminem earning rap even greater legitimacy in white America might want to consider that this era's white artist most identified as a bridge to Black culture has built that bridge on the denigration and undermining of Black women -- and all women.

Kids respect Eminem and relate to what he's saying, maybe they have gone through a troubled past like he has, and they are motivated to live through it because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I have felt that way. The song rock bottom (he sings about being tired of being poor) motivates me and has in the past. Why don't you mention that?

5. Eminem's personal trajectory – either the so-called "true" story, or the explicitly fictionalized version in 8 Mile – perpetuates damaging mythology about abusive men.
Eminem's fans like to ascribe to him the sympathetic and classic role of underprivileged underdog. But Marshall Mathers, if he ever was an underdog, has long since crossed over into the role of bully. Unlike most bullies this side of right-wing talk radio, however, he has a very large microphone (and now a screen presence).
You can gain important insight into one key aspect of the Eminem persona by studying both the behavior of men who batter and people's responses to them. The man who is being lionized as one of this era's emblematic artists shares many character traits with men who batter. One glaring similarity is the folklore that Mathers has actively constructed about his famously difficult childhood. Narcissistic batterers frequently paint themselves as the true victims. It's them we're supposed to feel sorry for – not their victims (or the victims/targets of their lyrical aggression.).
It is well-known that many of Eminem's fans, male and female, reference his abusive family life to explain and rationalize his rage. But it is not as well-known that batterer intervention counselors hear this excuse every single day from men who are in court-mandated programs for beating their girlfriends and wives. "I had a tough childhood. I have a right to be angry," or "She was the real aggressor. She pushed my buttons and I just reacted." The counselors' typical answer: "It is not right or ok that you were abused as a child. You deserve our empathy and support. But you have no right to pass on your pain to other people."

His mother was neglectful, and did drugs. She also sued him for ruining her reputation (among her other trailer park friends I guess lol) and who sues their own kids? She was on sally jessie and was interviewed by Bill O'Reily (gawd I hate that hypocrite) and she was like he had a normal childhood, I could of done a little better I guess, and she was in total denial about it. They also assumed that he just said those things to make more money. Kim is almost the same type of woman his mom Debbie is, and so he picked the same woman as his mother which is a common trait. And how do you know he has beat Kim? He has beaten up a guy for being with her publicly but no proof he has actually beaten Kim.

6. Eminem's success has unleashed a torrent of mother-blaming.
One element of Eminem's story of which all his fans are aware is that he and his mother don't get along. Many people psychoanalyze him from a distance and argue that his problems with women stem from his stormy relationship with his mother. This may or may not be true, but it is an excuse that abusive men often make for their behavior. As Lundy Bancroft observes in his book Why Does He Do That: inside the minds of angry and controlling men, battered women themselves sometimes like this explanation, since it makes sense out of the man's behavior and gives the woman someone safe to be angry at – since getting angry at him always seems to blow up in her face.
It is hard to say what percentage of the Eminem faithful relate to his oft-articulated rage at his mother. But consider this anecdotal evidence. I attended an Eminem concert in southern California during the "Anger Management" tour a couple of years ago. At one point, Eminem ripped off a string of angry expletives about his mother, (something like "F-you, bitch!") after which a sizable cross-section of the 18,000 person crowd joined in a violent chant repeating the verbal aggression against Ms. Mathers (and no doubt other mothers by extension.)
Why is this aspect of the Eminem phenomenon such a cause for concern? No one begrudges Eminem, or anyone else, the right to have issues – including in some cases being very angry with their mothers. But it is not a great stretch to see that Eminem's anger can easily be generalized to all women – tens of millions of whom are mothers -- and used as yet another rationale for some men's deeply held misogyny.

Give me proof, just one valid statistic, or article STATING that men hate their mothers more because of Eminem's lyrics. Yes Debbie (Em's mom) is a flaming bitch, and that is why they chanted along with him. You can't say your an Eminem fan if you don't admit you hate her. Again, who sues their RICH son? She doesn't deserve any of Eminem's wealth (and didn't really get any, after legal fees she only got about 1600) because she doesn't respect him and wasn't a mother. He has an aunt, and his younger brother that he loves, his younger brother actually lives with him. So what's the problem?

Considering Eminem's (and his mother's) roots on the economic margins of "white trash" Detroit, class is also a critical factor here. Poor women – especially poor women of color -- are easy scapegoats for many societal problems. Eminem's fans presumably know little about the context within which Debbie Mathers (who is white) tried to raise her kids. Might we have some compassion for her as we are asked to for him? Why was she constantly struggling financially? How did educational inequities and lack of employment opportunities affect her life, her family experiences, her education level, her dreams, her ability to be a good parent? As a woman, how did sexism shape her choices? What was her personal history, including her history with men? Was she ever abused? We know a lot of women with substance abuse problems develop them as a form of self-medication against the effects of trauma. What is the connection between Ms. Mathers' alleged (by her son) substance abuse and any history of victimization she might have?
Further, if Eminem's father deserted him and the family when Marshall was young, why is so much of Eminem's verbal aggression aimed at his mother and at women?

He doesn't have much to say about his dad, his dad left (even though I read an article once that Debbie left the guy without a note, and he just assumed Eminem was dead which makes sense because why give a kid your name if you plan on being a deadbeat anyway? Even though I guess he could of worked harder at finding Eminem) when he was a baby, He says repeatedly in his lyrics that if he does anything in his life he WON'T treat Hailey the way that his Dad did to him.

If you buy the argument that Eminem's misogyny comes from his issues with his mother, then considering his father's behavior, why doesn't he have a huge problem with men? (Hint: the answer has to do with SEXISM.) It's easy to blame struggling single mothers for their shortcomings; right-wing politicians have been doing this for decades. A more thoughtful approach would seek to understand their plight, and while such an understanding would provide no excuse for abusive behavior (if that is what Eminem actually experienced), it would give it much-needed context. Unfortunately, this context is notably absent from much political discourse – and from 8 Mile.

7. Eminem has elevated to an art form the practice of verbally bullying and degrading people (especially women and gays) and then claiming "I was just kidding around."
In fact, many of Eminem's fans will claim that his Slim Shady persona – or any of his nasty anti-woman lyrics – are just an act. On a more sophisticated level, Eminem's defenders – including a number of prominent music critics -- like to argue that his ironic wit and dark sense of humor are lost on many of his detractors, who supposedly "don't get it." This is what his predominantly young fans are constantly being told: that some people don't like the likable"Em" because they don't get him, the personae he's created, his outrageously transgressive humor. In comparison, his fans are said to be much more hip, since they're in on the joke.
One way that non-fans can respond to this is by saying "We get it, alright. We understand that lyrics are usually not meant to be taken literally. And we think we have a good sense of humor. We just don't think it's funny for men to be joking aggressively about murdering and raping women, and assaulting gays and lesbians. Just like we don't think that it's funny for white people to be making racist jokes at the expense of people of color. This sort of 'hate humor' is not just harmless fun – no matter how clever the lyrics.

The more you say hateful thing towards Eminem, the more he'll say homophobic things. He seriously says his opinion on several topics. Mosh, for example, or cleaning out my closet. But s it funny if somebody apologizes for 20 minutes about a lame joke that wasn't event that hurtful to begin with. And how people say things with a tone of voice is a lot different too. But I do admit I hate it when he says the word Fag cause that just aint right unlesscigarettesing about cigerettes.

Millions of American girls and women are assaulted by men each year. According to the U.S. surgeon general, battering is the leading cause of injury to women. In recent years there has been growing recognition of the alarming prevalence of abuse in teen relationships; one recent national study found 20 % of teenage girls experience some form of physical or sexual abuse from men or boys. Gay-bashing is a serious problem all over the country. Music lyrics and other art forms can either in some way illuminate these problems, or they can cynically exploit them. Eminem is arguably a major force in the latter category. Sorry if we don't find that funny.

and finally...

8. Eminem's rebel image obscures the fact that sexism and men's violence against women perpetuates established male power – it is not rebellious.
Eminem has been skillfully marketed as a "rebel" to whom many young people – especially white boys -- can relate. But what exactly is he rebelling against? Powerful women who oppress weak and vulnerable men? Omnipotent gays and lesbians who make life a living hell for straight people? Eminem's misogyny and homophobia, far from being "rebellious," are actually extremely traditional and conservative. As a straight white man in hip hop culture, Marshall Mathers would actually be much more of a rebel if he rapped about supporting women's equality and embracing gay and lesbian civil rights. Instead, he is only a rebel in a very narrow sense of that word. Since he offends a lot of parents, kids can "rebel" against their parents' wishes by listening to him, buying his cd's, etc. The irony is that by buying into Eminem's clever "bad boy" act, they are just being obedient, predictable consumers. ("If you want to express your rebellious side, we have just the right product for you! The Marshall Mathers LP! Come get your Slim Shady!) It's rebellion as a purchasable commodity.
But if you focus on the contents of his lyrics, the "rebellion" is empty. Context is everything. If you're a "rebel," it matters who you are and what you're rebelling against. The KKK are rebels, too. They boast about it all the time. They fly the Confederate (rebel) flag. But most cultural commentators wouldn't nod approvingly to the KKK as models of adolescent rebellion for

No the KKK are Stupid and I haven't met a real extreme racist thintelligent extremely intellegent. I seen some in a chat room once (I was very curious, so sue me) and they all had thick accents and they spoke very poorly. One of them said this black guy could suck their husband's dick? I didn't know their hubby swung both ways AND was willing to not take his wedding vows seriously....

American youth because the content of what they're advocating is so repugnant. (And Eminem would be dropped from MTV playlists and lose his record contract immediately if he turned his lyrical aggression away from women specific women not womfallengeneral, he has fallin in love before and gays and started trashing people of color, or Jews, or Catholics, etc...) Isn't it plausible that when "responsible" critics, journalists and other entertainers embrace Eminem as a "rebel," it provides a glimpse into their own repressed anger at women, their own unacknowledged anxieties about homosexuality?
Isn't it also plausible that after Eminem has posed for dozens of magazine layouts dutifully wearing the swoosh logo of the Nike corporation, he finds amusing how easily people buy the outlandish idea of him as a rebel?

I don't think of him as a rebel per say. He NEEDS to rap, it's his therapy, instead of keeping it bottled up. I think he knows he's an outlet for people in his place, and he's using his power for good, ie: the song mosh, speaking his mind about George W. Bush and how he is the worst president in history.

Well that's it. I am glad you have came this far and hopefully this has been enlightening for you. And remember, Always love, even when you outta fight.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Martha Stewart (she can make anything)

My back started hurting again. I wake up with this pains in my back, I think it's the bed even though it's progressively getting less and less pain everytime I wake up with it but my best friend/roommate says that I toss and turn everytime so it may be nightmares so can somebody help me out on this?? IS FREDDY F.CKING ME UP??? Heh....

Anyway this means that I am actually up during the day today and so I got to see the wonderful Jaime Pressly (My name is Earl ex-wife) being a "junior Martha" cooking along with the icon. Yes I think she is an icon, don't question me on that later if she goes in the slammer again.

Anyway I found a funny song about the woman on Nate and Di's website so this got me the motivation to post the website with the .mp3, to save it go to file and save as. I bet you didn't know that.

My favorite part of the song? "She can teach you how to murder your Dad without leaving fingerprints on the pruning shears"

Anyway, back to bed. And remember, Always love even when you outta fight.

The bible is bad, yo

I listen to Nate and Di, it's a podcast I come acrossed a few months ago. I don't have an ipod (they don't either it's I guess not against the rules) I just love cable access, free speech, and amateurs (average joes) speak their mind. This is the only podcast I found so far decent and consistently good. They are severe potheads, but like in this podcast you can tell they haven't fried all of their brain cells. I want to email them, I keep on forgetting, but I think them making an episode (part of one at least) talking to me about my job (PSO remember?) would be entertaining for them, and would be free advertising for me.

Anyway, this episode (click on the name of this blog post) starts off talking about going to Nate's Sister's wedding, afterwards his sister and her fresh out of the oven hubby corners Nate and Di, and tries to make Nate and Di (NaD, umm eww) admit that the Bible is awesome and having an open mind and not being biased about the bible is bad. Well they (NaD) play the first of an audio tape of the bible out of spite of the bible thumpers ignorant asses. They stop it several times to explain the shit just doesn't make sense!! I played it for my best friend/roommate, but I tried to keep it down so my sister didn't hear, I don't need somebody that lives with me on my ass. He said that some of the stuff isn't exactly how they say it, but it's hell of a lot better sounding then a bible thumper view.

I hate people that are like that, I mean, my former boss was like that, you could be talking about a new flavor of oreo and he would bring up why abortion is wrong (total hypocrite too, he fucking had grown up kids and a pleasantly annoying wife and he FUCKIN HIT ON MY ASS CONSTANTLY!! HE ASKED IF I WOULD GIVE HIM A BJ!! I COULD RUIN HIS LIFE BUT I DUNNo why I don't 'shrug's) anyway most bible thumpers are like that it seems. The more straight arrow someone seems, the more I don't trust them, every time I see a yuppie I think they have probably raped and killed a kid. Not seriously, but it makes me curious.

I have the CD's Pink I'm Not Dead and Bloodhound Gang Hefty Fine, I might review one this week. I have my PSO money now (just goin straight to my cell phone bill 'sigh' lol) so I had burger king, I watched Dateline To Catch a Predator 5 and then my best friend and I went to Shari's and I had a coconut cream pie (I always pick that one I am afraid to pick another because it might not be as good and I would kick myself the rest of the night for not picking it) and this weird freak ass Chinese waiter dude with a mullet that he like bleaches the end (if I could take a pic I would LOL) like acts like a freakin comedian the whole time we are there. It would be funny if somebody punches him in the fucking eye. Anyway until next time, Always love, even when you outta fight LOL. Talking about hypocrites I sure am sometimes geesh heh.....

Monday, May 08, 2006

People, people who LOVE peopleeee.....

I have been reading Rosie O' Donnell's blog since Saturday night live mentioned it. I seen her on Leno, but this made me curious. Wow, if you aren't all pro GLBT it's still worth reading. She writes her blog posts in a quick, poem type of format, but a couple words says it all. Sometimes there is a great joke that makes me grin from ear to ear (I rarely laugh out loud when I am watching tv or online unless it's really funny) but most of the time it makes me have this strong, sad feeling in my gut. I don't know what happened, if anything did, but this blog shows you her deeper side, talking about life, talking mostly about her kids and being yourself. In her "Ask Ro" subject she posts questions and answers. Sometimes someone says something insulting like "why should you punish us by showing your nasty dyke face on tv again" She replies, "oh your too good to me, Paul" (I just made that up, but it's almost exactly like that everytime) and that just makes me laugh. She also has videos, slideshows or short home videos that are fun to watch. Her artwork is bold, a photo glued on posterboard, with swirly, bold thick paint in a random design. A couple of words are usually thrown in there to bring it together. I love seeing her kids, she talks to them well, Parker, Blake, Chelsea, and Vivi.

She also has a shop, with clothes and backpacks with her logo on it for her non profit organization on it R family. She also has shirts, with nice family oriented writing on it, her "Rosie" logo on it, and "go blog yourself" All profits go to her "all for kids" charity. It's a guilt free splurge. This is quite a cool website she has, her blog is sad but powerful, and I hope it keeps it's intregity after September with her "View Debut"

On a slight off topic, I am looking for a girlfriend. I have a potiential one, but that isn't clinched for sure yet, so if you are in the Portland Oregon area email me. Till next time, Always love, even when you outta fight.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

funny fart vid, rant about wanker at work

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Among other really great videos I found this one, I hope it makes your weekend more awesome. I always am thinking about a little dirt devil type of vaccum to suck out my farts cause some of them are hard to push out. I know that's probably TMI but it's true!! I think I would pick the fruit scent.

I have been getting a call here and there, but what pisses me off is this guy that asked me for my instant messenger name, I sent him a 5 dollar pay per view email stating that I don't do that it's against TOS (I use them only when they are to my advantage heh) and if it was just him being concerned about me doing anything he wants then he can just email me asking me if I would do what he had in mind. In the original email (before this one) he asked for free minutes.

WELL....he sent a third and final email saying he doesn't PAY for messenger names and sorry but it won't work out!! WTF?!!? I DON'T LIKE YOU OKAY?? THIS IS JUST THE EASIEST WAY FOR ME TO SURVIVE FINANCIALLY SO I TOOK IT!! I WANT YOUR MONEY AND THAT'S IT!! I HAVE NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK YOUR HOT SHIT I DON'T THINK YOU ARE AND NOBODY ELSE DOES OR YOU WON'T HAVE TO CALL A GIRL LIKE ME TO FULLFILL YOUR LITTLE FANTASY IN ORDER FOR A GIRL TO TOLERATE YOUR ASS!!! Also the free mins thing is WAY tacky, I give 5 free minutes for every 60 they pay for, so if you spend some, then you get some, I don't want a guy to get 1,2,3, free minutes and only be on for those. That's the risk we put ourselves up to when we give out free mins to guys we don't know. And if a guy wasn't cheap, he would call instead of emailing. I am TIRED of guys emailing me and thinking I should email them back over and over for free and then they NEVER call or call for 5 mins. Oh woohoo that hour of checking my email to see if you AND YOUR PRECIOUS (I am not on meds seriously lol) dick emailed me back just to get no phone call or get like 3.50 or whatever.

You just havta see it from my perspective. And what happened? I emailed him saying that for your info, I didn't send a messenger name that' s against TOS and I'm blocking you your a cheapskate so BYE. Or something I don't remember LOL I think I was blind with rage. GRR lol 'whew' I have been meaning to rant on my blog about this stuff so I am glad I am doing it now it feels good. Anyway have a happy weekend everyboday.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dum dum du dum

I entered in the kpdx.com (local tv's website) sneak preview for this movie. I hate Tom just as much as the next smart person, but nothing is like a free night out. And I feel like I am part of the government or something, this is supposed to come out on friday Ya'll, and I am seeing it tonight!! If there is no catch or anything stupid. I would show my boobs yes. But no money to get in, so that's schweet. I will come back with pics, not of the inside of course heh but my pass n junk. So see you around biotches.

5.2.2006 - 10:43 pm

See the person with the white pants, red t-shirt, and white sweater? That is my sister, peering at me (the sun was RIGHT THERE!! Thank god for sunglasses) while I take this picture. This is about 5:30, while we wait. The wait didn't feel long but it should of been. We waited for almost 2 hours to go into this movie. A few people came out with posters, and I was about .9 percent jealous. I love getting free stuff except if it's literally a pile of shit. They threw out stuff to the crowd in the theatre. I am assuming they were keychains. I got a truffle from a local truffle making place that I'll get to later. I got my pass and I felt like I was going in, even though it was first come first serve. I was going to be uber pissed if I didn't, because it was kind of a pain to get there and I didn't want to dissapoint my sister. I didn't want to get her hopes up and then not to watch the movie. But we did, we did watch it.

I walked in when I finally figured out how to go in and get the pass (I got out of line, and then went in with the email print out and they gave me this, two people admission) I came back, and waited some more. People were telling me about having to turn in our cell phones, and choose a number to exchange. But they had a different thing going on. They just told us if we are caught fucking with our phones, checking our text msgs or anything like that, the security were going to get friendly and we wouldn't be able to see the conclusion of the movie. My phone makes noise when I take pics with it anyway so I turned it off and didn't think about screwing with it even though I wanted to know what time it was.

Inside before the movie started they threw me one of these. It says Michele's Chocolate Truffles Classic 1-800-656-7112 It's obviously a local company. To help Michele out I am going to talk about them, why? Because I respect starting a small company to support your family. It tasted like smooth, milk chocolate, with coffee type of filling with ground up almonds. It tasted quite good.

Anyway, the movie? The theatre was quite packed, it said on the pass they overinvite to garunteee a full theatre, so they did their job. They talked about a concert and a contest on their site. Well, the movie was pretty jampacked, my sister told me it was like the first one, me never seeing it I couldn't compare. I think it was funny watching Tom in the different outfits, and speaking in different languages, and it was a pretty cool movie, especially one that you would take a girl to.

Remember, Always love even when you outta fight.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Ice cream limited edition skittles, shit

What a loner.

While going to my mom's place (didn't make it, I thought she lived like a 1 hour and a half drive and she was like a 20 min drive, stupid) We first stocked up on soda, corn dogs, and these skittles. I have heard on other sites they want to review these skittles but they cannot FIND them!!! BWuahaha....heh

But I have them. In your face other blogs that suck just as much as mine, in your face!!
First off, when I first told my sister (Sharleen from the video) I got these, she said "ewww!! Skittles as ice cream?" Like they would be beyond disgusting. Well I like the mint skittles (had them once) as they taste like little mentos, these I came on with an open mind. These aren't going to taste like regular skittles mixed with ice cream lol. You guys are stupid. But I love it when you come to this here blog.

I think the carmel ripple one is my fave. It has a soft carmel taste to it but with an obvious skittle crunch until it's a soft mass in your mouth while it's trying it's best to stick to that particular molar. But it fills your mouth with a carmel taste like your eating a carmel cube.

Tastes like a tootsie roll. I don't eat tootsie rolls that much, I think because they are hard at first but then soft, or because they aren't just a regular candy to buy. but yeah it's like a tootsie roll but a different texture. Maybe the carmel one can be eaten with this one.

Tastes like an orange skittle but more of a mild flavor. Has an aftertaste of orange sherbet though.

Yep, tastes like a strawberry skittle. WTF? I like an occasional dish of strawberry ice cream. Especially for the strawberry chunks in it. I might get that some time soon. Yep tastes like just a plain ol strawberry skittle. Not that there is anything WRONG with that.

Tastes like a vanilla flavored tootsie roll. I used to love those things so I am not complaining. Maybe this one with the carmel one perhaps? Good Times.

Anyway, that is my attempt at being a food critic. Better then that douchebag that can't stand black licorice. What the hell is that guy's problem. LOL just kidding, candyaddict.com

I wouldn't mind getting these again, overall they all have a creamy flavor to them, which would be great for other flavors other then ice cream. But with a product like this, it doesn't cure your craving, it just makes you want the real thing. This is me saying bye. And remember, always love, even when you outta fight :-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jesus Christ what happened?? (kids movie review)

I just downloaded (I know spank me I'm a bad girl) the movie kids. A favorite of mine, not a feel good movie, but it's a movie about things that are hushed up in this society. I am going to review it. A first movie review here? Hellz yeah. LoL, I think it's appropriate for a first time movie review. It's a movie that I think is better then sex ed, because it's like showing you a totaled car and saying a drunk driver wrecked it. It's in your face. Also, Larry Clark made this movie, and he is my idol as far as movies are concerned. I want to make a movie like this, I won't say the details though, I would probably see it 6 months later in the theatre, shit outta luck.

Told ya :-) I can't learn how to play guitar worth a shit but html shit is no big deal. Anyway, This movie has a few indie (and a lot of them were on Law and Order apparently those shows likes to hire everybody!!) Leo fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, and a few others. I have seen Chloe in a few other indie movies (Gummo, I am thinking of) and when she is older she won't be that bad looking. Too bad in this movie she finds out she has a terrible, force-chastity disease. More on this later.

We get introduced to Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick). He starts off his morning with a hot steaming cup of virgin pussy. Why, you ask? Cause they have no skank, no diseases, no nothin'. At least that is what he confesses. It's his favorite thing, when he is not fucking them, he is looking for them. He says anything to get one, and after he's got one he's onto the next one. The beginning of this movie shows him using all of his lines to get this one in bed.

This is Telly and Kasper. They are deciding where to go, and Telly is talking all about this virgin, and how sweet the pussy was. They go into a convience store and steal a 40, and then decide to go to this older guy Paul's house. He is probably about 17-21. How did they meet him? I dunno. And how is it cool for a strait guy to hang out with 11-17 year old kids? Boys and girls?

What the fuck is Kasper doing?!? Oh, nevermind he is just huffing. This I guess is what you do at Paul's house, talk about pussy, and kill your brain off a little at a time. Huffing is one of the most serious, risky drugs you can do. If you aren't prepared for it, you can kill yourself the first time, among other things. Do I sound like a prude? I'm sorry, but I am just a uber prude when it comes to drugs. Say no to drugs kids. Does Kasper's hair and lips get a twinge of blue in this scene or is it just me?

This is quite a funny scene. The guys and the girls are talking about sex. The guys are bragging and talking about how women like to give blowjobs, and fuck. The girls on the other hand have a different side of the story. The black girl with the long hair (Ruthie is her name I believe) says sperm tastes nasty and they get stuck in your teeth (hahaha) and you have to eat a whole real meal to get the taste out of your mouth. Guys on the other hand say women love sucking dick, and they push it on them. What bizzare world is this in this movie? Anyway, in this scene all of the "men" complain about fucking with a condom on and say they don't have to wear it anyway because AIDS is just a madeup thing society wants everyone to freak out about. The two girls (Jenny, who is the lovely blonde Chloe, and Ruthie, the black long haired girl) decide that they should get tested, Ruthie regrets a partner she was with, and she just wants to be on the safe side.

This health clinic, with the slightly rude nurses, the posters of diagrams, condom nickname posters, etc. smells, and feels like a real clinic. Anyway, Ruthie, the one that was really concerned, gets out scott free (that means she's off the hook, she's clean, for you young kids) but the girl that only had sex with Telly, is tested positive for the HIV virus. Goes to show you you can only have to have sex once (I know this is just a movie but that is a fact) to get pregnant, or AIDS, or anything bad in your life. And that also means that this last year he has put SEVERAL girls lives in danger, and his life has been slowly evaporating. You don't just look nasty, pale, skinny, and have AIDS spots all over you to have it. STD's are a sick, sick thing, and you shouldn't wait until you have it to superglue a condom to your dick. But the sad part is, she played it pretty safe and she got it.

Right after we find out about Jenny having HIV, we find out the now shocking event that is going to take place. Telly decides to hunt down yet another virgin, Darcie. He has a conversation with Kasper about her, saying how sweet and innocent she looked at a block party they were at a week ago, and how bad he wants to fuck her. After he stops by his house for some money he decides he wants to find her to convince her. Kasper doesn't think it's possible, is it? To use the same, old lines on two naive virgins on the same day? We'll see...

This is in the same scene, but it is worth mentioning. There is a guy on the subway, an unusual panhandler. He has no legs, and he has a hard case type of thing he is balancing on, with a skateboard. He has a plastic cup he jingles, singing "I have no legs, I have no legs, I have no legs" In a way that is hard to describe, everytime somebody puts money in his cup he pauses to say "God bless you" which kinda adds to the humor. I am not laughing AT him, it's unfortunate, even though just because he has no legs it doesn't mean he's fucked, but it's just the way he sings his song, while he scoots down the walkway is funny. Even Kasper (I swear that's how his name is spelt) gives him a few pennies. So he gets a "God bless you" right after talking about fucking virgins. Ha.

Jenny decides she NEEDS TO FIND TELLY and then worry about everything else. This starts her quest going here, there, and everywhere an hour or two after Telly leaves. She goes to Paul's house, and she goes to the park right after Telly. The park is coming up a the picture after next. I don't want a missing puzzle piece, that is like those puzzles from the Goodwill. Cheap crackerassed puzzle.

This is Telly's mom. 'sigh' I do feel sorry for her in a way. She obviously worries about Telly, she lives in a poor neighborhood, she doesn't that that much money, and in this scene he goes into her bedroom and takes 23 dollars from her for weed. She insists that she doesn't have any, and if she did have some, she still wouldn't give him any because he promised to get a summer job. She breastfeeds his little brother, while Kasper is impressed by a free tit show, and steals one of her tampons to dunk in his koolaid (seriously) they go into Telly's bedroom, so Telly can change a shirt, put on deodorant, and then hits the road again, right after telling his mom he will be home way late so don't wait up, he asks again for money, even though he took the money a few minutes ago. She is going to be slightly late for the rent this month folks, I am assuming they don't go out for a steak dinner every Saturday.

This is at the park, there is an important scene that other people wouldn't think is important but this one really pisses me off. Kasper, and his friends start yelling "Faggot" and making comments about these two guys holding hands. This is supposed to be, New York, I believe? Gay people are supposed to be really common. And they talk about how hot 13 year olds are and Kasper was talking to Telly about his cousin loves fucking handicapped girls. But two guys fucking each other is ok? These boys need a whipping, and a talking to. And maybe another whipping. Two dudes butt fucking is okay, yo word up. I think that is how they would understand what I am talking about.

This is what bothered my two sisters when I watched it with them. This black guy gets in Kasper's way, and so a bunch of kids, some you don't even see before, come out of nowhere and start kicking him and punching him. They stand around him and Kasper says "Now don't get in my way bitch!" right after Telly spits on him. The rest of the movie they assume the guy is dead or in a coma or somethin. I don't see any broken bones but I bet he is hospital worthy. Yet another crime they commit on our 24 hour screenshot of their lives. Attempted murder. Maybe our HIV boy will get his expensive meds (about 50 dollars a day I think) while he wastes away in jail.

They pick up Darcie, a biracial younger pretty chick, looks totally sheltered. Telly convinces her to go to a party, parents gone, lots of liquor, pot, cigerettes and other shit at this house. See the picture above? The two guys (except Telly) convince the other two girls to makeout with each other, and state that is the hottest thing they have ever seen. They did sneak in to this pool too, for the record. Yet another crime to put on the record, breaking and entering. Just to go into the pool, guys.

This is one of the most sad parts of this movie. That kid the one from the left with both of his arms up, looks like the youngest kid in this movie. He is at this party, they are talking about pussy, pot, and having fun. All of the kids in this shot though look really really young. Like no pubic hair young. Letting young kids have beer, let alone pot, is a serious crime too you guys. Another nail in the coffin, Another thing is Kasper is in the tub, fucked up and drunk, commenting on everybody that goes into the bathroom. There is also a black guy from before puking in a toliet. That is not fun, so why get that wasted? Puking AND having to smell the nasty toliet. Ick. Anyway, Telly has finally convinced with the same lines as the other (I care about you too much to treat you that way) and he starts having sex with her in the parent's bedroom. Jennie finally finds out where Telly is, and walks in while he is humping away on Darcie, BUT she freaks and gets out of that room. I guess she couldn't of done it, he would of killed her ass for yelling "no Telly, you have HIV!!" She is fucked up on some kinda drug because she stopped by a club and one of her friends gives her a drug. He forced it in her mouth, and I think that is a completely bad thing to do. Anyway she sits down on a coach, and passes out/falls asleep and Kasper finds her, and this leads into the last scene of the movie (finally!!)

This shot is kinda dark, but Kasper gingerly takes off Jennie's pants and starts fucking her. She mumbles something, but is obviously passed out. HA!! Kasper is getting a dickfull doing that. I wonder if that has happened IRL and if it has how many times. I know guys with HIV/AIDS have raped girls b4 but what about irony? Well, Kasper and Telly can freebase their HIV meds. This last screenshot really explains the whole movie in one line....

After Telly has him narrating with a shot of him asleep with Darcie talking about sex is his thing and if he couldn't have sex he would have nothing. I wonder why they threw that in. Anyway, Kasper after a pause says, "Jesus Christ what happened?" going into credits. I believe that is the summary of the whole movie. A big ol' wow, a bunch of fucked up shit happened and I don't know how to explain it all. It might be too much, but I think i am going to show this to my kids. I think this would make them think and be straightened out as much as kids can be straightened out. At least the girls would learn that guys say anything to get pussy. They would promise to kill their own mom or dad or both to get pussy. Whatever. Anyway, what do you think about this movie? I would really like to know. And remember always love, even when you outta fight :-)