Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Happy Birthday to you

I want to make a BIG OFFICAL post to introduce myself, but this is a topic I want to address...

I found a few videos of this kid, he's no older then 15, and HE'S HILARIOUS!! I found him on and it said source, I dunno his email, his real name or anything. All I know is the info from his videos. He lipsyncs, goes to wendy's, he hates coleslaw, I know what his mom looks like (she is the one that he got a ride from to wendy's and bought the dinner duh!!) and a few of his friends, and his cousins. But how can I see his blog and email him? I might be too old to be a fan, but I wanna know.

Anyway, I am sitting here, at 5 am, logged in for calls!! And watching the today show. I can't wait until the 10th for my paycheck!! I am going all the way to vancouver (over an hour drive ya'll) to buy a barely used guitar!! I have to show you a pic hold on....

--holding music, think of some soft rock right here--

I am sorry for the most tiniest picture evar!!! This really sucks doesn't it.....hmmmpphhh.....this really is the only photo I found.

what is it exactly? it's a Abilene guitar with a cherry sunburst color scheme. I am also getting an amp but those look all the same so I'm not finding you a picture.

Brain Doyle could of just called me and gave me a few bucks, I would of acted like a 14 year old for hours for him, and now he's going to prison :-( stupid guy. He could of just called me I would of acted like a 14 year old kid!! HAHAH

why is your thingie so hard and big Mister, am I hurting you? :D

Is this a pretty good 1st post or what? I am sure unique. But I should go. Take care and always love even when you outta fight :)

edit: hey did you know that today wednesday, is 4.5.2006, so it's 4-5-06 and earlier it was 1:23 am (and pm) so it was and that will only happen once in our lifetime folks. Enjoy the thought.