Thursday, May 11, 2006

Martha Stewart (she can make anything)

My back started hurting again. I wake up with this pains in my back, I think it's the bed even though it's progressively getting less and less pain everytime I wake up with it but my best friend/roommate says that I toss and turn everytime so it may be nightmares so can somebody help me out on this?? IS FREDDY F.CKING ME UP??? Heh....

Anyway this means that I am actually up during the day today and so I got to see the wonderful Jaime Pressly (My name is Earl ex-wife) being a "junior Martha" cooking along with the icon. Yes I think she is an icon, don't question me on that later if she goes in the slammer again.

Anyway I found a funny song about the woman on Nate and Di's website so this got me the motivation to post the website with the .mp3, to save it go to file and save as. I bet you didn't know that.

My favorite part of the song? "She can teach you how to murder your Dad without leaving fingerprints on the pruning shears"

Anyway, back to bed. And remember, Always love even when you outta fight.

The bible is bad, yo

I listen to Nate and Di, it's a podcast I come acrossed a few months ago. I don't have an ipod (they don't either it's I guess not against the rules) I just love cable access, free speech, and amateurs (average joes) speak their mind. This is the only podcast I found so far decent and consistently good. They are severe potheads, but like in this podcast you can tell they haven't fried all of their brain cells. I want to email them, I keep on forgetting, but I think them making an episode (part of one at least) talking to me about my job (PSO remember?) would be entertaining for them, and would be free advertising for me.

Anyway, this episode (click on the name of this blog post) starts off talking about going to Nate's Sister's wedding, afterwards his sister and her fresh out of the oven hubby corners Nate and Di, and tries to make Nate and Di (NaD, umm eww) admit that the Bible is awesome and having an open mind and not being biased about the bible is bad. Well they (NaD) play the first of an audio tape of the bible out of spite of the bible thumpers ignorant asses. They stop it several times to explain the shit just doesn't make sense!! I played it for my best friend/roommate, but I tried to keep it down so my sister didn't hear, I don't need somebody that lives with me on my ass. He said that some of the stuff isn't exactly how they say it, but it's hell of a lot better sounding then a bible thumper view.

I hate people that are like that, I mean, my former boss was like that, you could be talking about a new flavor of oreo and he would bring up why abortion is wrong (total hypocrite too, he fucking had grown up kids and a pleasantly annoying wife and he FUCKIN HIT ON MY ASS CONSTANTLY!! HE ASKED IF I WOULD GIVE HIM A BJ!! I COULD RUIN HIS LIFE BUT I DUNNo why I don't 'shrug's) anyway most bible thumpers are like that it seems. The more straight arrow someone seems, the more I don't trust them, every time I see a yuppie I think they have probably raped and killed a kid. Not seriously, but it makes me curious.

I have the CD's Pink I'm Not Dead and Bloodhound Gang Hefty Fine, I might review one this week. I have my PSO money now (just goin straight to my cell phone bill 'sigh' lol) so I had burger king, I watched Dateline To Catch a Predator 5 and then my best friend and I went to Shari's and I had a coconut cream pie (I always pick that one I am afraid to pick another because it might not be as good and I would kick myself the rest of the night for not picking it) and this weird freak ass Chinese waiter dude with a mullet that he like bleaches the end (if I could take a pic I would LOL) like acts like a freakin comedian the whole time we are there. It would be funny if somebody punches him in the fucking eye. Anyway until next time, Always love, even when you outta fight LOL. Talking about hypocrites I sure am sometimes geesh heh.....

Monday, May 08, 2006

People, people who LOVE peopleeee.....

I have been reading Rosie O' Donnell's blog since Saturday night live mentioned it. I seen her on Leno, but this made me curious. Wow, if you aren't all pro GLBT it's still worth reading. She writes her blog posts in a quick, poem type of format, but a couple words says it all. Sometimes there is a great joke that makes me grin from ear to ear (I rarely laugh out loud when I am watching tv or online unless it's really funny) but most of the time it makes me have this strong, sad feeling in my gut. I don't know what happened, if anything did, but this blog shows you her deeper side, talking about life, talking mostly about her kids and being yourself. In her "Ask Ro" subject she posts questions and answers. Sometimes someone says something insulting like "why should you punish us by showing your nasty dyke face on tv again" She replies, "oh your too good to me, Paul" (I just made that up, but it's almost exactly like that everytime) and that just makes me laugh. She also has videos, slideshows or short home videos that are fun to watch. Her artwork is bold, a photo glued on posterboard, with swirly, bold thick paint in a random design. A couple of words are usually thrown in there to bring it together. I love seeing her kids, she talks to them well, Parker, Blake, Chelsea, and Vivi.

She also has a shop, with clothes and backpacks with her logo on it for her non profit organization on it R family. She also has shirts, with nice family oriented writing on it, her "Rosie" logo on it, and "go blog yourself" All profits go to her "all for kids" charity. It's a guilt free splurge. This is quite a cool website she has, her blog is sad but powerful, and I hope it keeps it's intregity after September with her "View Debut"

On a slight off topic, I am looking for a girlfriend. I have a potiential one, but that isn't clinched for sure yet, so if you are in the Portland Oregon area email me. Till next time, Always love, even when you outta fight.