Saturday, May 06, 2006

funny fart vid, rant about wanker at work

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Among other really great videos I found this one, I hope it makes your weekend more awesome. I always am thinking about a little dirt devil type of vaccum to suck out my farts cause some of them are hard to push out. I know that's probably TMI but it's true!! I think I would pick the fruit scent.

I have been getting a call here and there, but what pisses me off is this guy that asked me for my instant messenger name, I sent him a 5 dollar pay per view email stating that I don't do that it's against TOS (I use them only when they are to my advantage heh) and if it was just him being concerned about me doing anything he wants then he can just email me asking me if I would do what he had in mind. In the original email (before this one) he asked for free minutes.

WELL....he sent a third and final email saying he doesn't PAY for messenger names and sorry but it won't work out!! WTF?!!? I DON'T LIKE YOU OKAY?? THIS IS JUST THE EASIEST WAY FOR ME TO SURVIVE FINANCIALLY SO I TOOK IT!! I WANT YOUR MONEY AND THAT'S IT!! I HAVE NO EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT TO YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK YOUR HOT SHIT I DON'T THINK YOU ARE AND NOBODY ELSE DOES OR YOU WON'T HAVE TO CALL A GIRL LIKE ME TO FULLFILL YOUR LITTLE FANTASY IN ORDER FOR A GIRL TO TOLERATE YOUR ASS!!! Also the free mins thing is WAY tacky, I give 5 free minutes for every 60 they pay for, so if you spend some, then you get some, I don't want a guy to get 1,2,3, free minutes and only be on for those. That's the risk we put ourselves up to when we give out free mins to guys we don't know. And if a guy wasn't cheap, he would call instead of emailing. I am TIRED of guys emailing me and thinking I should email them back over and over for free and then they NEVER call or call for 5 mins. Oh woohoo that hour of checking my email to see if you AND YOUR PRECIOUS (I am not on meds seriously lol) dick emailed me back just to get no phone call or get like 3.50 or whatever.

You just havta see it from my perspective. And what happened? I emailed him saying that for your info, I didn't send a messenger name that' s against TOS and I'm blocking you your a cheapskate so BYE. Or something I don't remember LOL I think I was blind with rage. GRR lol 'whew' I have been meaning to rant on my blog about this stuff so I am glad I am doing it now it feels good. Anyway have a happy weekend everyboday.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dum dum du dum

I entered in the (local tv's website) sneak preview for this movie. I hate Tom just as much as the next smart person, but nothing is like a free night out. And I feel like I am part of the government or something, this is supposed to come out on friday Ya'll, and I am seeing it tonight!! If there is no catch or anything stupid. I would show my boobs yes. But no money to get in, so that's schweet. I will come back with pics, not of the inside of course heh but my pass n junk. So see you around biotches.

5.2.2006 - 10:43 pm

See the person with the white pants, red t-shirt, and white sweater? That is my sister, peering at me (the sun was RIGHT THERE!! Thank god for sunglasses) while I take this picture. This is about 5:30, while we wait. The wait didn't feel long but it should of been. We waited for almost 2 hours to go into this movie. A few people came out with posters, and I was about .9 percent jealous. I love getting free stuff except if it's literally a pile of shit. They threw out stuff to the crowd in the theatre. I am assuming they were keychains. I got a truffle from a local truffle making place that I'll get to later. I got my pass and I felt like I was going in, even though it was first come first serve. I was going to be uber pissed if I didn't, because it was kind of a pain to get there and I didn't want to dissapoint my sister. I didn't want to get her hopes up and then not to watch the movie. But we did, we did watch it.

I walked in when I finally figured out how to go in and get the pass (I got out of line, and then went in with the email print out and they gave me this, two people admission) I came back, and waited some more. People were telling me about having to turn in our cell phones, and choose a number to exchange. But they had a different thing going on. They just told us if we are caught fucking with our phones, checking our text msgs or anything like that, the security were going to get friendly and we wouldn't be able to see the conclusion of the movie. My phone makes noise when I take pics with it anyway so I turned it off and didn't think about screwing with it even though I wanted to know what time it was.

Inside before the movie started they threw me one of these. It says Michele's Chocolate Truffles Classic 1-800-656-7112 It's obviously a local company. To help Michele out I am going to talk about them, why? Because I respect starting a small company to support your family. It tasted like smooth, milk chocolate, with coffee type of filling with ground up almonds. It tasted quite good.

Anyway, the movie? The theatre was quite packed, it said on the pass they overinvite to garunteee a full theatre, so they did their job. They talked about a concert and a contest on their site. Well, the movie was pretty jampacked, my sister told me it was like the first one, me never seeing it I couldn't compare. I think it was funny watching Tom in the different outfits, and speaking in different languages, and it was a pretty cool movie, especially one that you would take a girl to.

Remember, Always love even when you outta fight.