Saturday, June 24, 2006

Oh your such a queer. (gay pride 2006)

Saturday and sunday last weekend I went to gay pride. Feeling dedicated to bringing yet another great blog, I interviewed a couple people on my DV camcorder, videotaped musical talents, and the parade!! I mostly recorded Saturday, I was going to interview some people on Sunday, but my legs were killing me and I had a bit of an accident that I HAD to take care of at home, so I just thought I should go home after the parade, and so I didn't really get any good footage except for the parade (and an always entertaining protester getting an asschewing from the MC's) on Sunday. I am bummed but I have plenty of footage to sort through anyway!! I have an interview from a nice woman from SMYRC (my old GLBT hangout when I was 17-18) and somebody from the equal rights booth. I also got more then that!!! The dunk tank? Yep I got a girl and a guy on there. For the first time screwing with a camcorders for a long time I think I kept pretty steady and I zoomed just at the right times. Well the last hour is probably the best because that is when I had the most practice lol.

And why don't I have this up on this blog yet? Well I to cut to the chase I don't have a firewire cord for my camera, so I can't get the shit off of it!! Doesn't that suck, welp I will put it on my wishlist, and we'll see if somebody can buy it for me, because it'll take a while for me to save for one.

Anyway my favorite parts were, little bits and pieces of the parade, the MC's that actually have a radio show on Sirius channel 106 (out Q I believe) and they were just promoting it and having a good time, they also talked between musical guests. The dancers I liked, and a couple of the booths I liked as well, there were a lot of kids there, I mean 6 year old type of kids not I am an older wiser person so I call you a kid, kid. Even though there was this one guy that was this gay guy in high school he goofed off and commented that there was a glory hole all set up in the portapotty. He was at the SMYRC booth. No disrespect to them it was just this one guy. I have a brochure from them I want to volunteer there, you know to give something back to them. Heh anyway there was a sex toy booth and they had tiny bottles of water oh thank you!! Because I was (and am) broke so I couldn't afford water bottles and I wanted to leave early because of it. But I stayed like 2 more hours just because of that tiny bottle of water. They also had pens and preztels. I only got the water because preztels on a hot day? I don't think so. The chicks weren't that good looking, I saw way too many hicks with mullet types, I saw a hot chick with this butch short mexi type and I was jealous and that was really the only one. That girl though standing behind me while I was videotaping the parade what's your number?? LOL she wasn't bad looking.

So anyway wait patiently for my videos everybody hopefully I'll get it online before next year's ok? Until next time, Always love, even when you outta fight especially with gay people Mr. Protester because we'll fuck you up :-)