Friday, April 28, 2006

Ice cream limited edition skittles, shit

What a loner.

While going to my mom's place (didn't make it, I thought she lived like a 1 hour and a half drive and she was like a 20 min drive, stupid) We first stocked up on soda, corn dogs, and these skittles. I have heard on other sites they want to review these skittles but they cannot FIND them!!! BWuahaha....heh

But I have them. In your face other blogs that suck just as much as mine, in your face!!
First off, when I first told my sister (Sharleen from the video) I got these, she said "ewww!! Skittles as ice cream?" Like they would be beyond disgusting. Well I like the mint skittles (had them once) as they taste like little mentos, these I came on with an open mind. These aren't going to taste like regular skittles mixed with ice cream lol. You guys are stupid. But I love it when you come to this here blog.

I think the carmel ripple one is my fave. It has a soft carmel taste to it but with an obvious skittle crunch until it's a soft mass in your mouth while it's trying it's best to stick to that particular molar. But it fills your mouth with a carmel taste like your eating a carmel cube.

Tastes like a tootsie roll. I don't eat tootsie rolls that much, I think because they are hard at first but then soft, or because they aren't just a regular candy to buy. but yeah it's like a tootsie roll but a different texture. Maybe the carmel one can be eaten with this one.

Tastes like an orange skittle but more of a mild flavor. Has an aftertaste of orange sherbet though.

Yep, tastes like a strawberry skittle. WTF? I like an occasional dish of strawberry ice cream. Especially for the strawberry chunks in it. I might get that some time soon. Yep tastes like just a plain ol strawberry skittle. Not that there is anything WRONG with that.

Tastes like a vanilla flavored tootsie roll. I used to love those things so I am not complaining. Maybe this one with the carmel one perhaps? Good Times.

Anyway, that is my attempt at being a food critic. Better then that douchebag that can't stand black licorice. What the hell is that guy's problem. LOL just kidding,

I wouldn't mind getting these again, overall they all have a creamy flavor to them, which would be great for other flavors other then ice cream. But with a product like this, it doesn't cure your craving, it just makes you want the real thing. This is me saying bye. And remember, always love, even when you outta fight :-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jesus Christ what happened?? (kids movie review)

I just downloaded (I know spank me I'm a bad girl) the movie kids. A favorite of mine, not a feel good movie, but it's a movie about things that are hushed up in this society. I am going to review it. A first movie review here? Hellz yeah. LoL, I think it's appropriate for a first time movie review. It's a movie that I think is better then sex ed, because it's like showing you a totaled car and saying a drunk driver wrecked it. It's in your face. Also, Larry Clark made this movie, and he is my idol as far as movies are concerned. I want to make a movie like this, I won't say the details though, I would probably see it 6 months later in the theatre, shit outta luck.

Told ya :-) I can't learn how to play guitar worth a shit but html shit is no big deal. Anyway, This movie has a few indie (and a lot of them were on Law and Order apparently those shows likes to hire everybody!!) Leo fitzpatrick, Chloe Sevigny, and a few others. I have seen Chloe in a few other indie movies (Gummo, I am thinking of) and when she is older she won't be that bad looking. Too bad in this movie she finds out she has a terrible, force-chastity disease. More on this later.

We get introduced to Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick). He starts off his morning with a hot steaming cup of virgin pussy. Why, you ask? Cause they have no skank, no diseases, no nothin'. At least that is what he confesses. It's his favorite thing, when he is not fucking them, he is looking for them. He says anything to get one, and after he's got one he's onto the next one. The beginning of this movie shows him using all of his lines to get this one in bed.

This is Telly and Kasper. They are deciding where to go, and Telly is talking all about this virgin, and how sweet the pussy was. They go into a convience store and steal a 40, and then decide to go to this older guy Paul's house. He is probably about 17-21. How did they meet him? I dunno. And how is it cool for a strait guy to hang out with 11-17 year old kids? Boys and girls?

What the fuck is Kasper doing?!? Oh, nevermind he is just huffing. This I guess is what you do at Paul's house, talk about pussy, and kill your brain off a little at a time. Huffing is one of the most serious, risky drugs you can do. If you aren't prepared for it, you can kill yourself the first time, among other things. Do I sound like a prude? I'm sorry, but I am just a uber prude when it comes to drugs. Say no to drugs kids. Does Kasper's hair and lips get a twinge of blue in this scene or is it just me?

This is quite a funny scene. The guys and the girls are talking about sex. The guys are bragging and talking about how women like to give blowjobs, and fuck. The girls on the other hand have a different side of the story. The black girl with the long hair (Ruthie is her name I believe) says sperm tastes nasty and they get stuck in your teeth (hahaha) and you have to eat a whole real meal to get the taste out of your mouth. Guys on the other hand say women love sucking dick, and they push it on them. What bizzare world is this in this movie? Anyway, in this scene all of the "men" complain about fucking with a condom on and say they don't have to wear it anyway because AIDS is just a madeup thing society wants everyone to freak out about. The two girls (Jenny, who is the lovely blonde Chloe, and Ruthie, the black long haired girl) decide that they should get tested, Ruthie regrets a partner she was with, and she just wants to be on the safe side.

This health clinic, with the slightly rude nurses, the posters of diagrams, condom nickname posters, etc. smells, and feels like a real clinic. Anyway, Ruthie, the one that was really concerned, gets out scott free (that means she's off the hook, she's clean, for you young kids) but the girl that only had sex with Telly, is tested positive for the HIV virus. Goes to show you you can only have to have sex once (I know this is just a movie but that is a fact) to get pregnant, or AIDS, or anything bad in your life. And that also means that this last year he has put SEVERAL girls lives in danger, and his life has been slowly evaporating. You don't just look nasty, pale, skinny, and have AIDS spots all over you to have it. STD's are a sick, sick thing, and you shouldn't wait until you have it to superglue a condom to your dick. But the sad part is, she played it pretty safe and she got it.

Right after we find out about Jenny having HIV, we find out the now shocking event that is going to take place. Telly decides to hunt down yet another virgin, Darcie. He has a conversation with Kasper about her, saying how sweet and innocent she looked at a block party they were at a week ago, and how bad he wants to fuck her. After he stops by his house for some money he decides he wants to find her to convince her. Kasper doesn't think it's possible, is it? To use the same, old lines on two naive virgins on the same day? We'll see...

This is in the same scene, but it is worth mentioning. There is a guy on the subway, an unusual panhandler. He has no legs, and he has a hard case type of thing he is balancing on, with a skateboard. He has a plastic cup he jingles, singing "I have no legs, I have no legs, I have no legs" In a way that is hard to describe, everytime somebody puts money in his cup he pauses to say "God bless you" which kinda adds to the humor. I am not laughing AT him, it's unfortunate, even though just because he has no legs it doesn't mean he's fucked, but it's just the way he sings his song, while he scoots down the walkway is funny. Even Kasper (I swear that's how his name is spelt) gives him a few pennies. So he gets a "God bless you" right after talking about fucking virgins. Ha.

Jenny decides she NEEDS TO FIND TELLY and then worry about everything else. This starts her quest going here, there, and everywhere an hour or two after Telly leaves. She goes to Paul's house, and she goes to the park right after Telly. The park is coming up a the picture after next. I don't want a missing puzzle piece, that is like those puzzles from the Goodwill. Cheap crackerassed puzzle.

This is Telly's mom. 'sigh' I do feel sorry for her in a way. She obviously worries about Telly, she lives in a poor neighborhood, she doesn't that that much money, and in this scene he goes into her bedroom and takes 23 dollars from her for weed. She insists that she doesn't have any, and if she did have some, she still wouldn't give him any because he promised to get a summer job. She breastfeeds his little brother, while Kasper is impressed by a free tit show, and steals one of her tampons to dunk in his koolaid (seriously) they go into Telly's bedroom, so Telly can change a shirt, put on deodorant, and then hits the road again, right after telling his mom he will be home way late so don't wait up, he asks again for money, even though he took the money a few minutes ago. She is going to be slightly late for the rent this month folks, I am assuming they don't go out for a steak dinner every Saturday.

This is at the park, there is an important scene that other people wouldn't think is important but this one really pisses me off. Kasper, and his friends start yelling "Faggot" and making comments about these two guys holding hands. This is supposed to be, New York, I believe? Gay people are supposed to be really common. And they talk about how hot 13 year olds are and Kasper was talking to Telly about his cousin loves fucking handicapped girls. But two guys fucking each other is ok? These boys need a whipping, and a talking to. And maybe another whipping. Two dudes butt fucking is okay, yo word up. I think that is how they would understand what I am talking about.

This is what bothered my two sisters when I watched it with them. This black guy gets in Kasper's way, and so a bunch of kids, some you don't even see before, come out of nowhere and start kicking him and punching him. They stand around him and Kasper says "Now don't get in my way bitch!" right after Telly spits on him. The rest of the movie they assume the guy is dead or in a coma or somethin. I don't see any broken bones but I bet he is hospital worthy. Yet another crime they commit on our 24 hour screenshot of their lives. Attempted murder. Maybe our HIV boy will get his expensive meds (about 50 dollars a day I think) while he wastes away in jail.

They pick up Darcie, a biracial younger pretty chick, looks totally sheltered. Telly convinces her to go to a party, parents gone, lots of liquor, pot, cigerettes and other shit at this house. See the picture above? The two guys (except Telly) convince the other two girls to makeout with each other, and state that is the hottest thing they have ever seen. They did sneak in to this pool too, for the record. Yet another crime to put on the record, breaking and entering. Just to go into the pool, guys.

This is one of the most sad parts of this movie. That kid the one from the left with both of his arms up, looks like the youngest kid in this movie. He is at this party, they are talking about pussy, pot, and having fun. All of the kids in this shot though look really really young. Like no pubic hair young. Letting young kids have beer, let alone pot, is a serious crime too you guys. Another nail in the coffin, Another thing is Kasper is in the tub, fucked up and drunk, commenting on everybody that goes into the bathroom. There is also a black guy from before puking in a toliet. That is not fun, so why get that wasted? Puking AND having to smell the nasty toliet. Ick. Anyway, Telly has finally convinced with the same lines as the other (I care about you too much to treat you that way) and he starts having sex with her in the parent's bedroom. Jennie finally finds out where Telly is, and walks in while he is humping away on Darcie, BUT she freaks and gets out of that room. I guess she couldn't of done it, he would of killed her ass for yelling "no Telly, you have HIV!!" She is fucked up on some kinda drug because she stopped by a club and one of her friends gives her a drug. He forced it in her mouth, and I think that is a completely bad thing to do. Anyway she sits down on a coach, and passes out/falls asleep and Kasper finds her, and this leads into the last scene of the movie (finally!!)

This shot is kinda dark, but Kasper gingerly takes off Jennie's pants and starts fucking her. She mumbles something, but is obviously passed out. HA!! Kasper is getting a dickfull doing that. I wonder if that has happened IRL and if it has how many times. I know guys with HIV/AIDS have raped girls b4 but what about irony? Well, Kasper and Telly can freebase their HIV meds. This last screenshot really explains the whole movie in one line....

After Telly has him narrating with a shot of him asleep with Darcie talking about sex is his thing and if he couldn't have sex he would have nothing. I wonder why they threw that in. Anyway, Kasper after a pause says, "Jesus Christ what happened?" going into credits. I believe that is the summary of the whole movie. A big ol' wow, a bunch of fucked up shit happened and I don't know how to explain it all. It might be too much, but I think i am going to show this to my kids. I think this would make them think and be straightened out as much as kids can be straightened out. At least the girls would learn that guys say anything to get pussy. They would promise to kill their own mom or dad or both to get pussy. Whatever. Anyway, what do you think about this movie? I would really like to know. And remember always love, even when you outta fight :-)