Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Oaks Park and an update

The company picnic (yes the one I am a third week working for) was at all places, Oaks park. First I thought oh no I am still in training so technically I am not a "real" employee yet so I can't go. Well that was before I saw like 10 people signing up that I was in training with LOL. So my best friend (had to be family, I had an alias for him even though they didn't ask) and my sister got psyched to go. I bought everybody sodas and finally trying to figure out where it was (Damn you google maps!! Damn you all to hell!!) We got there. I signed in and got three limited bracelets to go on limited rides. Yes the company I work for is cheap. And that means no screaming eagle (very VERY scary looking, I REALLY don't wanna go on it) no big 360 loop rollercoaster, and no bumper cars. I love me some fucking bumper cars so that pissed me off. Oktoberfest I will get a deluxe bracelet.

But first off we got soda, because it was 100 degrees outside, and we all got a paper plate each with a pile of potato salad, a runny portion of pork and beans, one stale piece of fried chicken, and there were biscuits with little creamer type cups of whipped butter that I passed on but my sister liked. We were sweating and exhausted, and had to face the fact of being near the rides and riding on them, or being near the cold drinks. We thought that was rather painful, all weak, heavily sweaty, and pissed, we went home quickly vowing to come back at the end of September for oktoberfest. Oaks park has one of the best oktoberfests in the northwest IMO even with beer!

Anyway, we went on the spider. Ok, I have been on it no prob, even with my fear of heights (I am pretty much scared of anything that can hurt me) I have been on it and I didn't scream before. Well the first couple spins and then DIPS I screamed with fear. Fear of my death. I didn't scream like girls do just to scream to make noise I SCREAMED OH GOD NO!!!! Well noises came out and I might of said that but mostly I was in shock of how scary it was cause I thought it was just going to be fun. WELP the girl sitting in the "car" next to mine had two little boys (no older then 5 and 9) and they didn't scream or anything. Well later I found out I work with her!!! I said OMG I can't believe I have to work with you now that you know I am a complete pussy!! I seriously said that. She just laughed and said she understood. Can you believe that? And I said also I wasn't going to get a recommendation letter from her because I knew she would put that on the letter.

We also went on this Louis and Clark expedition that used to be a haunted house but now it has Indians and weird shit. We only went on that ride to get out of the heat. It wasn't that long and I couldn't hear the narration because I was like "WHAT THE FUCK?? THAT BEAR AINT SCARY YA'LL HAHAH" I am not usually a complete asshole in public but that ride was terrible. It did have a bear that was supposed to jump at you but it was more like getting jiggy with it. This Indian was doing the same getting jiggy with it dance! LOL and there was a bunch of Indians in one campfire scene and they had a dog with a red collar on it, a typical cartoon dog, sitting there enjoying the campfire. This was after the spider so I was kinda on edge because there was this one ride I went on years ago that had a wall that made it look like you were going to go right through it but you dipped underneath it. It was supposed to be a haunted mill.

I went on that ride with my sister and my best friend. Mind you he only went on one kiddie ride when he was about 4 years old with his dad and he is 46. So all this time the Louis and Clark ride was his first ride all this time. BUT we mixed it up. My last ride was this one called the rock and rollercoaster. It's a 50's style type of ride where you get into a classic car type of seat and you see all of these airbrushed drawings around you. I was listening to "superfreak" while looking at Jimmy Hendrix. Okay. It looked tame so I thought it was ok but the ride started going in circles and it made it feel like it was going to throw you some distant place but it didn't (that is how they get your heart racing if you haven't figured it out yet) and then after that the announcer said ok it's going to go backwards I thought I was going to freak out but I didn't really. I learned the trick by now, if I scream with the flow of the dips and curves then it's not so bad. Mind you there was a 10 year old and a 13 year old behind me that has been on it a thousand times probably and she was bugging my best friend about how fun it was and before the backwards part she said "oh this is the fun part he is going to do it backwards!!" LOL like she was the narrator of the tour. I asked him later if he had fun and he said it was a kick. I am going with him to oktoberfest so hopefully he'll go on ALOT of rides then. I am not as pissed as I would of been because I didn't pay the 10 dollars for the bracelet. And the bracelets rock btw so much bang for your buck then the tickets. I want him to go on the screaming eagle and have me just videotape LOL look at the site (click on the title of this blogpost) and see for yourself. Mind you this thing is HUGE and your feet dangle while they play that song I forgot who sings it but it goes BOOM here comes the BOOM how do you like me now and they played smooth criminal by alien ant farm. Which I have a fondness for but I would probably not want to hear it if I went on that ride.

This is the second pic I took and I am leaving you today

with it....

For all of you who can't read it (all of you) it says, "Don't spit off of this ride!! If you do spit....the management will remove your bracelet" This is in front of the ferris wheel. The guy running the ride said that the metal was hot on it that day but you get a small breeze now and then heh. Oh yeah the employees that had to stand in the sun all day were PISSED so I tried to be super sweet to them. Anyway always love even when you outta fight :-)