Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor day weekend, who cares, I got Little Debbie's to show ya

I got these rolls when I went grocery shopping on wednesday. They look good (on wednesday I got a coconut cream pie at Shari's and ova there they use whipped cream instead of egg white, I love the egg white but their coconut cream pie is like OMG good) and my friend (I paid for the meal, it's a thing I do now) informed me of these. Well I have to try every LB food available. Except the pound cake or anything that sounds remotely healthy. Granola bars? Ewww...I'll just take a fudge dipped generic brand pack like I always do.
I am sorry this is turning into a junk food blog. But food products, trying them and that kind of thing has always interested me. Obviously they interest you too so cheers :D
The cream is a slightly sugary coconut flavored type of substance. I could see a tub of cool whip (even better a spray can of it) to put on a number of things. The sugar hits you hard. I tried the lemon one last week (lemon meringue cream rolls if you couldn't figure it out) and I wasn't that impressed but I like these. I love snowballs at Wal-Mart you can get 9 in a big box invidually wrapped for 3 bucks! The chocolate cake part can be improved though, I could just eat 4 of the coconut skins and I would be satisfied. Anyway if you love coconut this is enough to get your fix.

I had to keep my momentum going by eating a banana twin. The texture is a bit dry but I like them. My best friend had them in grade school with his lunch (mind you this was YEARS ago) so he feels warm and tingly while he eats them. I only got the last package of them this time. That's a lot of tinglin' going on. Mini review, I tried the Dulche de Leche carmel limited edition oreos. They were good the first 5, but they are just too artifical tasting on their own, would be great on ice cream (or crumbled up on a voodoo donut)

Brief rant about work. The computers were slow, people waited a good 30 mins on the phone waiting for a rep and I got an earful..."did you know that I ate a whole meal while waiting for you guys to pick up? I cooked it and everything and I still waited!" LOL that is why I don't like it when people complain about waiting for 10 minutes to talk to me. I can't say that without getting yelled at "so I was supposed to wait MORE?!?! Is this how you treat customers!! I have to get to work in 4 minutes!" Oh yeah don't complain to me, I do my job. Complain to somebody else lol. We have a complaint department SO they get paid good money to hear you complain so fuck you lol. Complain to them. Not me. So are you going to use a credit card, debit card or e-check?

Was that a little rant or a big rant? Fuck it I lost track. Till next time. Always love even when you outta fight.