Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cream savers are at it again!! (cream savers desserts review)

Yesterday shopping a little, I ran acrossed these while getting a new bottle to drink out of for work (yesterday was my first all day working shift day it kicked major ass except my throat was sore after 5 straight hours of talking) These are new Creme Saver desserts. There are three flavors, Apple pie a la mode, Cinnamon Bun, and Strawberry Cheesecake. I was so curious I bought some. For 6 oz. They were 1.99.

The top one, is cinnamon bun. It tastes so much like a cinnamon bun I was almost tempted to nuke it in the microwave. These candies remind me of the gum in willy wonka that is a huge meal in one piece of chewing gum. The dark brown ripple tasted like a strong cinnamon, butter, and brown sugar mix like it would appropriately taste. The light colored taste like yeasty dough. A great quickie with taste of cinnamon bun.

The Apple pie a la mode is the second one in the picture. This was the first one I tried. I could like the last one taste everything that is great about an apple pie with a little bit of ice cream. Think of the ultimate way, a restaurant pie if you will, to have an apple pie. A well seasoned crust, the right combo of butter and flour, and then the apple has nutmeg and cinnamon. The ice cream is melted just right an it's dripping down the side, it's the most expensive vanilla (or French vanilla) ice cream you can put on a pie. This is that in a more convenient way. A pop in your mouth apple pie. This was a great intro to this package for me.

The last one is strawberry cheesecake. This one really disappointed me. I could taste the Strawberry well, fresh yet right out of the freezer taste of strawberries. BUT the cheesecake could of been richer. I tried this twice because I was hoping I just had the wrong taste in my mouth before I started eating it (proper food critics "clean there palate" by drinking water between foods and I didn't do anything like that I just went one after another) but this wasn't good to me. The first two were ALOT more empressive. Mind you, I LOVE cheesecake, I LOVE cheesecake (cheesequake how they say it in their lame way) Dairy Queen blizzards, even the cheap Burger King cheesecake in a box things they have are a nice treat, but this was I think thrown together and maybe not blind tested as much. Who knows.

Anyway, did I just mention work? Oh yeah well I am going to be working for this company, all this last week I was in 4 days of training (mostly 3 the other day was just talking about company policies) on how to look up things and how to work the system. The didn't really teach us the details, just on the phone with somebody if you know how to look up the info you'll learn it all eventually. LoL. I freaked out thinking I was going to suck because Thursday I was on the phone with two people and I turned the call over to the person that was sitting there listening had to take over LOL and by that time the guy was PISSED OFF!!! It's funny thinking about it. But because I signed a thing that Doctor's usually sign, I cannot give any details, I can't say OMG PINK WANTED MINUTES AND IT RAWKED!! I cannot do that and I cannot gives away credit card numbers and shit. I don't want to get fired ya'll. Sorry to bum you but it's the truth.

I got into a few problems and I solved them or had to transfer them, but I only had to ask for help twice and that was at the first of it. Most of them had their number and name and shit in the beginning (even their credit card number! sweet!) and all I had to do (after verifying which I am starting to hate when I don't have to look up and it's all right there I mean it's so fucking convenient I just need to credit their account ya'll) was hook them up with about 25 dollars or so of minutes. That got boring but I was so proud of myself for kicking ass. This is going to be a fairly decent job. I can't wait until Monday and unfortunately I am on partime for Monday so grr about that. I'm going to try to get fulltime from now on so wish me luck on that. After I pay off some bills I'll move out into something I can afford with my best friend (the watermelon eater, btw do you like my new FLIKR flash filmstrip?) and I'll live a lot better life.

Thank you Vesta, a branch of the Randstad Corp, for making this happen.

Oh yeah there was this guy called William, he SUCKED at computers, I think I talked about him the last post, who knows, anyway I think the teacher told him to look elsewhere cause on Thursday and Friday he didn't show up!! LOL!! I hated him and I am glad his ego was burned. Not hate hate but he was driving me up the wall and I was just waiting for him to prove his incompetence. Sorry buddy 'chuckles'. Always love even when you outta fight :) Oh yeah I did treat him with respect ok? So I am not a hypocrite. Heh.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

If I die before I wake....

Welp. It's been a while, I do think about you but I have been really busy. If you don't know me IRL you have no clue what kind of hell I have been going through. First, it's been slow in the PSO world, and my best friend's unemployment got cut off. K? Second, a few weeks ago we were going to Wal-Mart (I know they are a big evil company but my buddy needed jeans!! And right when we were pulling out of the parking spot we had a bunch of antifreeze spill out below the car!! Long story short, we had to cough up like fuckin' 450 for that deal...which we didn't have obviously...he went on his second time on tri-met EVER and that blew over.

That Friday my sister Sharleen said she doesn't know where we are going to live but it aint gonna be here no mo. This was the week after last. AND THEN I got a job interview, my best friend and I were UBER bitter about it and kept on saying the best revenge is them being jealous of our success. When we came home LAST friday, and she announces that she's fired from her job (not really just on call which is pretty much worse) and I say I am this close to getting a great job. She says oh well I didn't know THAT well you can stay. We mind you were SUPER PISSED cause she kicked us out, knowing we'll be homeless, and then she eats our fucking food, like most of it like it doesn't fuckin matter. So the status? We are staying here until we can get something straightened out ASAP cause this sucks.

Oh did I say that I have a new job?!?! YAY umm I just finished training for a call center job (I know faceless fuckin company but I get full benefits!!) and I'll totally get the job you'll see. They crammed our craniums with knowledge this week and then tomorrow I'll wow them with my knowledge. You'll see. After the first 60 days I'll be good as in. Too bad there is an Oak's park company picnic that you can sign up no later then Friday and I technically aint an employee yet so 'sigh' I'll just go with my best friend for 40 bucks for both of us. We get a nifty headset. And umm....we have to wear khakis. I sat by this one guy he can barely turn on a computer let alone use it I don't know HOW he could pass the test to get the job (you had to pass a normal typing test and a 10 key test, I went in two days wednesday and Friday to pass it, you needed 3500 dpm) and the teacher this morning moved me because I had to constantly whisper what to do to him for him to stop bothering me for several minutes. I know it's sour grapes but GOD DAMN I can't WAIT to see him fail the training graduation test. It's a two page test that you can sit at the computer and look up the resources for. He'll get his name right and the date. Tomorrow we'll get hands on customer service (I am actually REALLY excited, it sounds more fun from the inside then it does on the outside) and I hope after the first couple calls (if he can figure out how to login, seriously he doesn't know how and it's like logging in to yahoo messenger) somebody we'll totally yell at him and tell him to go look elsewhere and take a community college class on computers. At least that has been my fantasy since I met him.

BTW do you love my flickr pictures? Scroll down and look at the right, browse all of them, the small pictures are RAZOR phone wallpapers I have hoarded I'll make a different set for them but not now I have to get to bed, I have to get up at 6 like I have to do every weekday morning now. <> I love being a corporate shill!!