Saturday, April 15, 2006

I am liiiiiiving in a Material world, and I am a Material girl.....

I got paid yesterday and I got my guitar and amp today folks :D

Yep, and my best friend (we share bills, so if I spend money, it affects his things as much) told me that it was ok to get the guitar AND THE DDR MAT AND GAME!!! Sweet, is an understatement. THIS IS FREAKIN SPECTACULAR SHIT MAN!!!! Ok that was too much heh but I am excited I didn't have to wait a whole month to get it. I got it at fry's, I got the professional xbox mat. They had a great bundle it was like 80 bucks for two pads (the cheap ones) and a DDR game (I am assuming ultramix 3 but I can be wrong, so wrong) I wanted that because it was a great buy but the downside is I wouldn't get to play it right away because I would sell the cheap pad, get the foam pad, sell the other one to my sister, and also I think it was fate not to have me get it because there was only ONE FOAM TYPE OF XBOX ONE LEFT!! They also had a universal one for 99.95, which would be handy even though I don't have a playstation (someone might donate one to me, even though I would only play DDR on it **COUGH** **COUGH** they suck **COUGH** because it's the only one worth my time, I feel video games are unproductive and meaningless (well actually with little kids the RPG's can teach reading, and hand eye cordination problem solving too) I mean you work all day so you can do an equally hard 'job' in a fantasy world? I mean come on... also they had a metal playstation one for 200. I remember playing on it but the arrows sucked even though they light up :D

Anyway my head is slightly cold and damp, and I feel good.

I played my guitar a little, I tried to tune it the best without a tuner (getting the accessories tomorrow) and I guess playing is being generous. I touched it, but something I wouldn't call music came out. I suck :-( I tried to follow a cool guitar video, and then I had to goto the really really uber easy ones and I still felt stupid. I hate that guy so much now, I think he is mocking me but I am not sure. IT'S SO EASY he says!! YOU'LL GET THE HANG RIGHT AWAY he says!!!!


anyway I promised you pics, the fans that I think I have, so here you go.


The last one was just me looking good so I HAD to throw that in there :-)

Anyway I was talking to my best friend tonight and I asked him why he let me get both, the guitar and DDR. He said "Hun, I know you work hard and you deserve anything you want." And I said "Even a house and a new mustang?? (that is my serious goal) and he said yep. He said it won't be a problem getting all of our bills straightened out. I think this was just his way of telling me that he doesn't take my hard work for granted and he does notice how much work I do. My PSO job, and doing things for everybody living here (almost another job, my sisters and him pull me from every angle sometimes, computer stuff, cooking, stuff like that) He seems like he doesn't appreciate it because he is getting unemployment right now so he just has to put in 2 jobs a week to get his money, and I have to do a dog and pony show to get a few bucks here and there. Being a phone ho is hard work!! 'huffs'

Speaking of that, I wasn't getting any calls, really slow, until wednesday night then I have been getting them like crazy, I couldn't hold down a conversation with my roommates!! That's sometimes a great thing and a great thing lol. But I had a nice call and I was talking to my best friend about it and I missed a call while I was doing that, and that hasn't happened to me before (I miss like 3 calls a week, which is really bad, I just am not paying attention, or I go into the other room for too long of a time, the tv is too loud etc. I give one free min to every person I miss) So hopefully I can get some easter weekend calls in. W00t.

Anyway until next time....Always love even when you outta fight :-)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dear mr. President...would you buy my cd....

I have been listening to Pink a lot lately online, I respect her, God is a DJ isn't just a techno piece of crap, I'm an atheist and I am like, "hell yeah God is a DJ!! and the world is a dancefloor..." Trouble is my least fave, family portrait, even though I can't relate to a divorced family I totally feel her and I feel it's well written. But have you ever CRIED during a song?


I first thought it was a general song, a timeless song about any president. Until she sang "You've came a long way.....from WHISKEY AND COCAINE!!" then I thought ahhh it all makes sense now lol. This article though, when I was trying to find the live version to post a link to play the video of her doing it live for ya'll, I read the article and it was touching. I also learned a couple of things that I didn't know about our beloved Pink. I want to buy this cd now, which is pretty amazing because I didn't before I saw this concert on which I highly recemmend to everybody to go check out, it's on mtv overdrive, in her playlist. Dear Mr. president, the song she sings with Dad, all there and her hair is awesome, if I was more femme I would do that. Anyway I know all of my fans (yeah, right) want to know the part that I started tearing up. It was this part...

Let me tell you bout hard work

Minimum wage with a baby on the way

Let me tell you bout hard work

Rebuilding your house after the bombs took them away

Let me tell you bout hard work

Building a bed out of a cardboard box

Let me tell you bout hard work

Hard work

Hard work

don't know nothing bout hard work

Hard work

Hard work


Why did that bother me? The cardboard box part got to me because for a month I was homeless, I was living in a car, I didn't want to be apart from my best friend and live with my family. I don't get along with them enough to tolerate them 24-7 (I am living with my sisters now, they don't have a problem with my job, and my attitude, so I am living with them until I can move out) so I washed myself out of a sink, I slept in a car in the parking lot of Wal-mart and it wasn't fun. I did work out of the car too LOL I had to though....The thing I didn't like was no privacy. The shower thing I handled, after the inconvience of washing my body and hair out of a friend's sink, I felt clean. It's just no place to watch tv and no privacy made me suffer. It seems like though everytime I get comfortable and start taking my situation for granted it's pulled away, that is what happened with this. I thought we were doing fine, I gave my pathetic check to my best friend and then he applied it to rent, or the cable, or whatever. But then we got the eviction. The problem? Me working at the time was enough, sure, but I wasn't making good enough to stay there before for about 4 months, so we had back rent we couldn't pay because we were just making ends meet. It seems like that is way too common, people in general.

We can pay our bills but if there is a broken leg, figuratively or literally, we are screwed.

This was the second time I was homeless, I did this for about a month another time. I worked at the cemetary and I lived in the office building / garage for 8 months free gratis until they finally kicked us!! But that wasn't IMO homeless, it was the month after that we had to go looking for work. At the cemetary I still had to wash out of the sink. I try to remember those times. For when I am buying a gently used guitar after payday and I will actually have a place to play it and practice.

By the way, I finally got paid today and I couldn't be more excited to get that thing in my hands at home!! Sweet!!! I have to wait until tomorrow so that is pure torture, I have been obsessing about this, you have to realize, and so I feel like I am on christmas eve!! BAM BAM CUM FEEL THE NOIZE BAM BAM!!! Just kidding hahaa...

Everybody that goes on the INTERWEB heh has seen this but this is a great related video, a video of george w bush drunk at somebody's wedding it's pretty funny but slightly offending to me:

Oh yeah and I am sorry to all the relatives that have just read this post. It's just the way it goes sometimes, till next time, always love, even when you outta fight....


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Turn the oven all the way up to....


I was at a subway the other week and I saw this really retarded ad display so I had to take a picture. I only go to subway if somebody else pays for it. I just don't like the taste of the bread anymore and the fillings aren't that good anymore either. I had one of those meatball subs with some cucumbers, and things like that on it. For some reason they close up the sandwich before they toast it? that makes the top hard and crunchy and those people over there do not know how to make a sandwich. Quiznos is way better. Every sub there is good, and the inside of the bread turns nice and crunchy but the price is a bit more. I love getting the french dip. It has mozzerella cheese on it ya'll!!! LoL....

My other favorite sub place is probably a place you have never heard of before. The only two places I have seen are in Pendelton and Hermiston Oregon. It's called USA subs and grill. I dunno about the grill part but the sub part is great. My favorite's are the gut bomb (typical type of sub, with vinegar, balonga, a couple types of cheese, and some other stuff lol, and the meatball sub. They have several kinds, if you have the opprotunity to choose several kinds in a period of a month or two, I would suggest getting one a day. Seriously, you deserve it :) Another thing about usa subs that is the main reason why it's great, is the fries!! The fries are fresh, handmade, and thick with the skins on still. They have the right amount of salt on them and they just go great with ketchup, mayo, ranch, or plain (I usually eat fries plain to enjoy the salt and potato without any flavor drowning that out but ranch is great with seasoned curly fries.)

turn it up to delicious boyee!!

I will try to keep up with my articles, it's just I have all these things I want to write but nothing at all to write at the same time. I still don't have my guitar because I haven't gotten paid yet (I get my check in the mail, yet another reason why I want direct deposit and am setting it up) but I will post a picture posing with it!! I will be a poser HA!! :-) Anybody else want to learn how to play guitar? It's easy to find videos, go to and then type in 'guitar lessons' and there are a bunch of them. I might review a couple, the beginner ones are quite funny.
Anyway take care and remember always love even when you outta fight :-)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

NES modding

Hey Everybody I was surfing around waiting for calls like always and I found a few NES mods that I thought were really cool. I have seen mods and NES ones before but this is the one that motivated me to write about them, and to look at the link of the original article, click on the image to open a new window.

mp3 player reg nintendo controller!!

Isn't this one of the coolest things you have EVER seen?? Apparently it's easy. Are you still lost? It's a regular Nintendo, NES, mp3 player. The D pad is volume is left and right, the track changes with the up and down arrows. B doesn't do anything but A pauses. The select button is subsituted with a switch and that makes it normal or loop shuffle. The start button was subsituted with another switch that is off and on. Oh. My. God. Ipod shuffle eat my ass because this is awesome and anybody that trips out on modernretro or whatever you would call this would have one.

Moving on....

This is my second favorite. An external harddrive that is put into a NES cartridge.

harddrived NES cartridge

This is also an easy one but clever. I wouldn't mind having an NES cartridge around, rather then just a boring case. But what one would I use? Rad Racer? Super mario bros 3? And with examples in pics and mods they ALWAYS use the gold colored zelda. Sure it's gold but not everybody is into RPG's. And some of them have ALOT better box art. Like I said Rad Racer, or a more obscure mtv's remote control, california games, Friday the 13th, the list goes on. I wouldn't mind this around for sure, in a laptop backpack it would rock. top 10 NES mods
I have a friend that told me he modded a spare xbox into a millenium falcon and he used that as a DVD player in the front room. This is from the top 10 NES mods. This is a really good way to make your dvd player blend in with your video game consoles. Cyberhome though? I bought one of these once for a x-mas present for somebody and it broke after like 5 months. Cheapass. And that looks like an uber old monitor, not a tv. Weird.
Anyway, here are the rest of the links I found,

Controlling a R.O.B. from a NES controller

WORLD's LARGEST NES controller!!

In other news, I can't wait until I get paid on Monday so I can rush over to this guy's house and buy his guitar off of him. I met him on craigslist and I mentioned it before. I am stoked!! And remember, always love even when you outta fight :)