Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chuck E Cheese's at the Dollar Tree!!

I found these among other culinary novelties with the Chuck E Cheese's brand at the Dollar tree yesterday. It's a fairly healthy snack (only 16g carbs for a 1 oz serving, there are 5 1/2 servings per bag of course, 95 sodium, 140 calories, like I notice these things specifically to loose weight, I notice them after I eat them afterwards! lol) and I just thought it was interesting they wanted to dive into the snack world. I also seen pretend food toys to play with as well which I love pretend food for some reason. I barely played with that stuff as a kid, but I think for my kids they HAVE to have pretend money, a cash register, and pretend food on a shelf with a small plastic shopping cart. One acting like the cashier and the other one acting like a mother (or daddy) shopping for the household.

I thought this was amusing, on the back it says this. Fresh from his own kitchen kids!! More like they rented a factory to produce these. You can see the demagraphic here, very very little kids. About 6 years old, and boys. Everybody older then that knows this is just a new product to get a little bit of money, or not. Anyway my roommate thought these were good, but I didn't particularly like it. The flavor was tame, not spicy enough. I don't know exactly what it was it just didn't interest me. It did taste a little like the pizzalicious pringles chips, but not enough. Kinda made me want the cheese fries good ol' Chuck puts out instead. I regreted my choice. The fries were heavy but that was what I liked about it. He said these reminded him of picnic fries. Maybe they just were cheap and I could taste it.

He's excited for my dollar. He knows he figured out the puzzle. To sell cheap "fries" to innocent people. That bastard. Congradulations!

They put this coupon on all of the food and the pretend food toys. It's a coupon for 10 free tokens for Chuck E cheese's that are a $2.50 value. The only time I went to Chuck's is I had a coupon similar to this one and it was probably frickin expensive the whole experience but I don't quite remember those details. The only thing I remember is after all of those tickets I got I could of traded them in for a wall walker or something cheap like that. You needed to save up HUNDREDS of tickets for something decent! It's a total ripoff of course and I have heard the pizza is very greasy but I couldn't tell you that I am just assuming. You should just get a decent pizza then go over to a nickel arcade (they exist, there is a wunderland nickel arcade in several places in Portland never gone to one but my cousins used to love them)

Anyway, one of my cousins is having a baby shower sunday so today I have to go over to Target and get a couple of things for her right after a few other errans. Is this what it's like? My day off? I just am not an adult yet I guess because I haven't been "Deadened" to this job yet. I am thinking about getting a transfer into something else. Janitor for the building maybe? We'll see kiddies we'll see. Here's me saying, always love even when you outta fight :)

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