Friday, August 18, 2006

pop rocks, gummy pizza and more

Hi, remember me? Anyway I'll cut the bullshit. Lol, I have been working a lot lately, but I decided to do a double review for you all. Plus a video. Aren't I as sweet as your momma? I'll start with the Pop rocks. It's actually called "pop rocks science experiment"

This is what it looks like obviously. Where is it from? Dollar Tree. That place has weird shit I tell you what. Yes I am from Oregon shut up I just watch King of the Hill sometimes. I thought it was great blogger material. It comes with sets of packages. One with Orange pop rocks in it, and two white packages that had the number 1 and 2 on them. The first thing I noticed after fiddling with the plastic test tube, it's way too small. I didn't turn the sink on full blast only a trickle and I kept on having to pour a little out and that was all of it so I had to put more water in etc. until finally I just drank a little of it out. It's a little bit bigger then my middle finger and narrower. I put the first packet in and I saw no effect. And then I poured the second one in and, wait I have a video.

My poprocks video!


This is my review for the gummy pizza now....get your MIND OUT OF THE TRAIN OF THOUGHT ABOUT THE ROCKS AND NOW FOCUS ON THE GUMMIFIED PIZZAS OKAyyYYyYY???!???

This is in a Make your Own! Line of gummy candies. One I noticed was an ice cream cone which I would sincerely pass up. I love the thought of a candy pizza but the assembling looks quite challenging. I have a picture of it opened. Is this a shock to you?

There is the "crust" and then the red looking stuff is the "sauce" the light yellowish stuff is the "cheese" and the random gummy bits is the toppings. I shall put it together to be the best gummah pizza evah!!

Doesn't it look pretty? The sauce I licked it off of my finger a minute or two ago and it's just sugar gel that is slightly watered down. Like those toothpaste tubes of goo that you can get. The powder is very fine but has a nice yellow color to it for something that emulates cheese it does a pretty good job. The gummies are just random colors and shapes, no rhyme or reason. They had a hard time spreading out. The gummy feels good squishing in the package. They are actually (if you havent realized it yet) small triangle pieces that go together in a circle. I felt for a small moment I was holding a peep type of candy, I took a whiff of an orange type of odor when I was arranging the pizza pieces. The taste? Well...we'll see in a moment here.
Oh and to tell you the pizza all together fits in the palm of my hand. The taste is very rich, The sauce part is overpowering and the orange from the crust is like if you were eating orange koolaid but sweeter. The sauce could of been thicker because it was drippy. The toppings remind me of sour patch kids or sour straws, they are random bits of sugary sour bits. This might be the worst review ever but the whole gummy pizza is hard to explain, a paradox, if you will. Would I recommend it? Only if you could hold your candy, only for candy addicts, not for people that have it every once in a while. I have to get to bed for work tomorrow. Did I tell you when I have to get up? 2 in the goddamned morning and I am not even going to tell you what happened this weekend. Well I guess I could. I thought I was working on sunday but it was saturday I worked. SOOOO I have a strike against me (they use a point system and saturday's thing was 1 point out of 5, I basically have 2 more times I can be like 20 mins late until a warning) I just feel completely stupid about it and I'll just focus on graduation with training which I just have to shoo the people off of the phone that are spending a huge time complaining. I need to transfer you anyway so why do I HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT HOW WE SCREWED YOU??? hehe. Always love. Over and out.

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