Monday, November 12, 2007

I have moved!

I hope you enjoy my blog articles over at my new place! I am really becoming comfortable over there so come over and join me!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lewd Family Feud

I enjoy playing obscure video games people don't usually like to play. I like playing games on my super nintendo emulator, the graphics are better then reg nintendo but they aren't too much for me. My favorite game show is family feud (I don't usually watch game shows) because the questions are realistic for me to guess. This round of family feud on the snes was bad and so I was desperate to have some fun. is a great place for roms, they don't bother you too much, you can go straight forward to the roms. Anyway enjoy my picture...hehehe :)~

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I know, I haven't posted in a looonnnggg time. You don't havta tell me. I will catch you up and start this blog again soon but I want to just stick to the halloween goodies so you can enjoy halloween through me all throughout tomorrow. Here's some glorious youtubin'

Great pumpkin charlie brown. You laugh, you cry, ol' cb still gets a rock. I heard that some adults dress up as charlie brown with the ghost sheet on with all of the holes (black circles) and it's a hit. I might have to do that one year I am planning on going to a party and I don't have any costume money. I would make sure to bring a brown paper bag with a bunch of rocks in it (I would plan on getting some crafty fake foam rocks, for easier packing)

Garfield adventure. Another one you have to watch every year. Even though I think that's my top two even though Halloween 3: curse of the witch is becoming a must see tradition as well. Mountain Dew pitch black became a tradition too but if I stay on one topic this goes by quicker for me. You have to understand, because I failed to save my work and the work's of bill gates this is my third draft so bare with me...

I haven't watched this movie, this is a playlist for the worst witch, it's supposed to be a horrible HBO movie. I will watch it later, Matt from wrote a review of it, and speaking of him!! He has a halloween jukebox so if you don't want to sit down and watch something then listen to that. Humph.

This is a virtual pumpkin carving site, and if you put your name and zip code in it shows where you are on their map and see mine!! It's under the name "goob" so try to find it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Happy Thursday to everyone!

One pic is worth a 1000 words, or so they tell me :-) Got this screenshot off of if you couldn't tell. Hehehehe. I got Thursday and Sunday off this week so here I sit. I am doing laundry and I will go out to eat later if I feel up to it (it's a buffet, I love going there but I might not feel THAT hungry tonight)

Oh yeah! I am moving into a really nice really newish (6 years old there abouts) apartment complex! With a Sauna, pool, and a gym. I would never use all of that crap but it has a washer and dryer in EVERY apartment! OMG this laundrymat crap is only going to last for a few more weeks yesss.....I am signing the lease tomorrow. I am the one working so I am the one on the lease. Harry (my best friend) isn't working yet so he is just an occupant. This is really going to work for us cause my sisters are acting like snotty bitches about the whole mess. We promised to be out October 11th (we get the keys Oct. 10) so we'll see how fast we can go on over to the new apartment. This is going to be so great! Makes me almost enjoy work heh heh

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor day weekend, who cares, I got Little Debbie's to show ya

I got these rolls when I went grocery shopping on wednesday. They look good (on wednesday I got a coconut cream pie at Shari's and ova there they use whipped cream instead of egg white, I love the egg white but their coconut cream pie is like OMG good) and my friend (I paid for the meal, it's a thing I do now) informed me of these. Well I have to try every LB food available. Except the pound cake or anything that sounds remotely healthy. Granola bars? Ewww...I'll just take a fudge dipped generic brand pack like I always do.
I am sorry this is turning into a junk food blog. But food products, trying them and that kind of thing has always interested me. Obviously they interest you too so cheers :D
The cream is a slightly sugary coconut flavored type of substance. I could see a tub of cool whip (even better a spray can of it) to put on a number of things. The sugar hits you hard. I tried the lemon one last week (lemon meringue cream rolls if you couldn't figure it out) and I wasn't that impressed but I like these. I love snowballs at Wal-Mart you can get 9 in a big box invidually wrapped for 3 bucks! The chocolate cake part can be improved though, I could just eat 4 of the coconut skins and I would be satisfied. Anyway if you love coconut this is enough to get your fix.

I had to keep my momentum going by eating a banana twin. The texture is a bit dry but I like them. My best friend had them in grade school with his lunch (mind you this was YEARS ago) so he feels warm and tingly while he eats them. I only got the last package of them this time. That's a lot of tinglin' going on. Mini review, I tried the Dulche de Leche carmel limited edition oreos. They were good the first 5, but they are just too artifical tasting on their own, would be great on ice cream (or crumbled up on a voodoo donut)

Brief rant about work. The computers were slow, people waited a good 30 mins on the phone waiting for a rep and I got an earful..."did you know that I ate a whole meal while waiting for you guys to pick up? I cooked it and everything and I still waited!" LOL that is why I don't like it when people complain about waiting for 10 minutes to talk to me. I can't say that without getting yelled at "so I was supposed to wait MORE?!?! Is this how you treat customers!! I have to get to work in 4 minutes!" Oh yeah don't complain to me, I do my job. Complain to somebody else lol. We have a complaint department SO they get paid good money to hear you complain so fuck you lol. Complain to them. Not me. So are you going to use a credit card, debit card or e-check?

Was that a little rant or a big rant? Fuck it I lost track. Till next time. Always love even when you outta fight.

Friday, August 18, 2006

pop rocks, gummy pizza and more

Hi, remember me? Anyway I'll cut the bullshit. Lol, I have been working a lot lately, but I decided to do a double review for you all. Plus a video. Aren't I as sweet as your momma? I'll start with the Pop rocks. It's actually called "pop rocks science experiment"

This is what it looks like obviously. Where is it from? Dollar Tree. That place has weird shit I tell you what. Yes I am from Oregon shut up I just watch King of the Hill sometimes. I thought it was great blogger material. It comes with sets of packages. One with Orange pop rocks in it, and two white packages that had the number 1 and 2 on them. The first thing I noticed after fiddling with the plastic test tube, it's way too small. I didn't turn the sink on full blast only a trickle and I kept on having to pour a little out and that was all of it so I had to put more water in etc. until finally I just drank a little of it out. It's a little bit bigger then my middle finger and narrower. I put the first packet in and I saw no effect. And then I poured the second one in and, wait I have a video.

My poprocks video!


This is my review for the gummy pizza now....get your MIND OUT OF THE TRAIN OF THOUGHT ABOUT THE ROCKS AND NOW FOCUS ON THE GUMMIFIED PIZZAS OKAyyYYyYY???!???

This is in a Make your Own! Line of gummy candies. One I noticed was an ice cream cone which I would sincerely pass up. I love the thought of a candy pizza but the assembling looks quite challenging. I have a picture of it opened. Is this a shock to you?

There is the "crust" and then the red looking stuff is the "sauce" the light yellowish stuff is the "cheese" and the random gummy bits is the toppings. I shall put it together to be the best gummah pizza evah!!

Doesn't it look pretty? The sauce I licked it off of my finger a minute or two ago and it's just sugar gel that is slightly watered down. Like those toothpaste tubes of goo that you can get. The powder is very fine but has a nice yellow color to it for something that emulates cheese it does a pretty good job. The gummies are just random colors and shapes, no rhyme or reason. They had a hard time spreading out. The gummy feels good squishing in the package. They are actually (if you havent realized it yet) small triangle pieces that go together in a circle. I felt for a small moment I was holding a peep type of candy, I took a whiff of an orange type of odor when I was arranging the pizza pieces. The taste? Well...we'll see in a moment here.
Oh and to tell you the pizza all together fits in the palm of my hand. The taste is very rich, The sauce part is overpowering and the orange from the crust is like if you were eating orange koolaid but sweeter. The sauce could of been thicker because it was drippy. The toppings remind me of sour patch kids or sour straws, they are random bits of sugary sour bits. This might be the worst review ever but the whole gummy pizza is hard to explain, a paradox, if you will. Would I recommend it? Only if you could hold your candy, only for candy addicts, not for people that have it every once in a while. I have to get to bed for work tomorrow. Did I tell you when I have to get up? 2 in the goddamned morning and I am not even going to tell you what happened this weekend. Well I guess I could. I thought I was working on sunday but it was saturday I worked. SOOOO I have a strike against me (they use a point system and saturday's thing was 1 point out of 5, I basically have 2 more times I can be like 20 mins late until a warning) I just feel completely stupid about it and I'll just focus on graduation with training which I just have to shoo the people off of the phone that are spending a huge time complaining. I need to transfer you anyway so why do I HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT HOW WE SCREWED YOU??? hehe. Always love. Over and out.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Chuck E Cheese's at the Dollar Tree!!

I found these among other culinary novelties with the Chuck E Cheese's brand at the Dollar tree yesterday. It's a fairly healthy snack (only 16g carbs for a 1 oz serving, there are 5 1/2 servings per bag of course, 95 sodium, 140 calories, like I notice these things specifically to loose weight, I notice them after I eat them afterwards! lol) and I just thought it was interesting they wanted to dive into the snack world. I also seen pretend food toys to play with as well which I love pretend food for some reason. I barely played with that stuff as a kid, but I think for my kids they HAVE to have pretend money, a cash register, and pretend food on a shelf with a small plastic shopping cart. One acting like the cashier and the other one acting like a mother (or daddy) shopping for the household.

I thought this was amusing, on the back it says this. Fresh from his own kitchen kids!! More like they rented a factory to produce these. You can see the demagraphic here, very very little kids. About 6 years old, and boys. Everybody older then that knows this is just a new product to get a little bit of money, or not. Anyway my roommate thought these were good, but I didn't particularly like it. The flavor was tame, not spicy enough. I don't know exactly what it was it just didn't interest me. It did taste a little like the pizzalicious pringles chips, but not enough. Kinda made me want the cheese fries good ol' Chuck puts out instead. I regreted my choice. The fries were heavy but that was what I liked about it. He said these reminded him of picnic fries. Maybe they just were cheap and I could taste it.

He's excited for my dollar. He knows he figured out the puzzle. To sell cheap "fries" to innocent people. That bastard. Congradulations!

They put this coupon on all of the food and the pretend food toys. It's a coupon for 10 free tokens for Chuck E cheese's that are a $2.50 value. The only time I went to Chuck's is I had a coupon similar to this one and it was probably frickin expensive the whole experience but I don't quite remember those details. The only thing I remember is after all of those tickets I got I could of traded them in for a wall walker or something cheap like that. You needed to save up HUNDREDS of tickets for something decent! It's a total ripoff of course and I have heard the pizza is very greasy but I couldn't tell you that I am just assuming. You should just get a decent pizza then go over to a nickel arcade (they exist, there is a wunderland nickel arcade in several places in Portland never gone to one but my cousins used to love them)

Anyway, one of my cousins is having a baby shower sunday so today I have to go over to Target and get a couple of things for her right after a few other errans. Is this what it's like? My day off? I just am not an adult yet I guess because I haven't been "Deadened" to this job yet. I am thinking about getting a transfer into something else. Janitor for the building maybe? We'll see kiddies we'll see. Here's me saying, always love even when you outta fight :)